Essay Example on Creating Effective Web Communications

Published: 2023-03-19
Essay Example on Creating Effective Web Communications
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As a global firm with offices in different parts of the world such as America and Europe, we heavily rely on web communications to keep our company running. Despite web communications being an integral ingredient for the firm's success, the current state of web communications at International Gadgets is wanting. Given the firm's history of miscommunication, we need to develop and follow web communication guidelines when using the new corporate website. The corporate website will be used to communicate with the company's different stakeholders and customers. To ensure the new sites improve the state of communications, I recommend the following standards and guidelines be followed:

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Characteristics of Online Communication

Online readers are quite different from print readers. Unlike print readers who go through the entire piece of online content readers skim over the content picking the main points. Due to these, employees need to ensure they post content that is short and clear. All content posted on the website should be quick and direct to the point.

Issue of Accessibility

The question of accessibility is primarily the IT department's responsibility. The IT team is responsible for ensuring all communication system are running smoothly to foster efficient and timely communication. When communication systems are running as expected, situations such as the loss of clients due to miscommunication between the sales and manufacturing department can be prevented. The IT department is also responsible for ensuring that the content on the website is easily accessible to our customers and stakeholders. The IT team should ensure the website is designed in a manner that allows visitors to understand, navigate, and contribute to the content on the site.

Corporate Credibility

Communication can only be effective if the source is viewed as reliable and credible. Having a corporate website will put us in the spotlight throughout. Even with our offices closed, our website remains online. To promote corporate credibility, we will display different awards that we have received over the years. Over the years, we have collected various awards due to our excellent products, such as the office drone. Displaying our awards shows our web visitors that we are the experts they can trust.

Privacy and Security

With web communication, privacy and security are issues that require undivided attention. Employees at International Gadgets are encouraged to participate in an online web communication process without fear that their personal information may be compromised. The firm has invested in state of the art technology such as SSL encryptions to ensure that employee and customer personal data are protected. The firm will also regularly change passwords to reduce the risk of being hacked. Employees are advised not to share their passwords with non-employees.

Ethical Consideration

The new website acts as an extension of the International Gadget's workplace, and therefore all staff members are required to maintain ethics when using the site. Employees are expected to maintain professionalism, morals and ethics when writing content for the site. An ethical code has been designed to guide employees who are using the website. Employees are advised to read and clearly understand the code of ethics since those found engaging in unethical practices will be punished.

Online Help Areas

We understand that web communication is a new process that might require little time for all employees to learn how to use it. To ensure staff members can upload and respond to content on the website, a help center will be availed online. Through the help center, employees or web visitors can ask questions and receive solutions regarding their problematic areas.

Various Devices

Although we have desktops at the firm, we realize that most employees still use their mobile phones to create, post, review and comment on web content. To ensure that even those using their phones can still access all web processes and functions, International Gadgets had designed a Mobile-friendly website. A mobile-friendly website enables mobile users to enjoy the same web experience as those users accessing the firm's website using desktops. Since both employees and web visitors have different devices, we have optimized our website to ensure it fits all devices.


As the world migrates into a digital era, International Gadgets has also embraced the trend using its new corporate website. To ensure that the site improves internal and external communications, content posted must be short and precise to suit the nature of online readers. Employees must also maintain ethical practices when posting material for the website. International Gadget has also created techniques to promote privacy, security, and website accessibility to improve web communication. The company has also optimized its website to ensure users with different devices have a smooth experience when using the site. With these recommendations in place, communication among employees and with external parties is bound to improve.

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