Essay Example on Wellness in Society

Published: 2023-01-03
Essay Example on Wellness in Society
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Wellness is much important for a productive society we living in. Presence of wellness can improve and influence social practices. In that state of being well in society, we should care more about our spirit, body and mind wellness. But in this case, we are more concern about meditation. Which we can describe generally more to be, about the spirit and social associations with the society. Wellness can facilitate us in achieving our goals. For example, one may be able to reach out to more and new ideas from different people. One is able to discover him or herself through proper interaction with different people.

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Wellness is always a change, can be described as along life process. In accounting one should be open into change and to different people one is interacting with. Since clients are always different in their thinking, socials practices and are not also from the same background Strout et al, 2016).

For us to prosper we need to be well and healthy in our society. Our bodies are the most important and valuable machines. Healthy bodies increase the way we ran things. Weak bodies may not perform some of the training that people go through to keep their bodies fit. We can explain this further by saying: without wellness of health there is no security. We cannot defend our business using weak bodies. We cannot even handle even fighting equipment.

In a healthy society, the economy develops since everyone has the power to boost since everyone can work. Many people have been dismissed from their jobs because of illness. The sick most of the times use lots of cash because of neglecting their bodies. They later use a lot of cash in treating their bodies. These may lead to stunted growth of the economy. Money is used in health matters and not in projects that can develop a state.

Social practices and our ideal have shaped each other. These can be seen in a case where young adults have developed knowledge of the importance of wellness and healthy living. Their parents are main mentors, during their development. Spiritual awareness has been boosted, where people in their daily route are aware of the need to be truthful. Wellness can shape our careers (Conyne, 2015). Where in some careers you are supposed to be somehow fit. For example, some careers you are supposed to be present on a daily bases and these require healthy bodies.

Wellness influences a lot in individuals. For instance, one is able to have his or her own aims and goals. Since when you are sober and you are studying you will have a thing you would like to achieve after the studies. This will always boost your capability and also save time. Wellness may help you improve in your ways of study. When having a problem, you will not be mentally disturbed but through guidance, you may live an amazing life in studies (Edwards, 2015). One is also quick to identify his/her strengths and weakness. Individuals also have the knowledge on how to treat his/her fellow students, since he or she has the knowledge of how one feels. Example when mistreated. Good results are always achieved, all because of wellness. If one chooses for example wellness and not smokes or drinks alcohol, he may not miss classes and will have time to study. He or she studies without interactions of drugs. He will associate well with other students in class smoothly.


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