Essay Sample on Management-Self Reflection

Published: 2023-03-21
Essay Sample on Management-Self Reflection
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I am seldom reluctant to be the leader of a group because I believe in the art of getting things done through people. However, to be a front-runner is not easy since good leaders have a virtuous command in their followers, and at many times, they can create value to their organization (Kinicki & Williams, 2018). For me, my influence is going to multiply beyond the results that can be achieved by a single person. My focus is not to make money but a difference; I will be able to exercise some discretion and control over a group thus provide opportunities to learn and grow. In this paper, I will discuss in detail what I learned from the results of the tests and the management course.

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As a leader, I am dedicated to achieving the stated goals of a group or organization. My strengths include leadership, planning, controlling, time management, and communication. These strengths will help me manage and work with others more successfully in the following ways. Referring to the work of Kinicki and Williams (2018), planning will assist me to set goals and then decide how I will achieve them. Moreover, leadership will help me motivate, direct, and influence a group so as to work hard and achieve their goals. Also, through control, I will be able to monitor the performance and compare the goals with the corrective goals needed.

My weaknesses include needing to be liked, failing to set clear goals and expectations, excessive connectivity to my group, and stagnancy. If I will not improve these weaknesses, they are likely to get in my way of success. For instance, I can improve on my weakness of needing to be liked by making decisions even if they are unpopular, and then explain to the group the reasoning for making such decisions. Also, the state of excessive connectivity can lead to malady. To address the weakness, I will need to create boundaries because I cannot do it all for a group; instead, I will focus on the priorities. Finally, stagnancy is a threat to creativity and innovation. For my group to be successful, I will instill a clear vision, motivate, and collaborate with my team to grow.

Upon taking the assessments, I was surprised that when leaders take risks they can embrace change and keep going forward despite the internal criticisms and fear. I knew that being involved in risk-taking is a nightmare and is an enemy of growth. Further, I learned a number of things about myself that I did not know before taking the assessments. I learned that I was self-critical inside but I was not confident (Kinicki & Williams, 2018). Also, I discovered that I always wanted to grow but I also wanted to be in a comfort zone.

Going forward, the information from the assessment will augment my skills to become an exceptional manager and delegate my duties efficiently and effectively. As a leader, I already know that I am supposed to be task-oriented in pursuit of the goals of the organization that I will be delegated to lead and then integrate the work of people through my leadership, planning, and controlling strengths.

In conclusion, management focuses on the achievement of efficient and effective qualities. I will therefore, erroneously strive to get things done through the people, and guide them to uphold the ethical standards of the organization, and at the same time the vision of their group.


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