Free Essay about Creativity in Leadership

Published: 2022-03-22
Free Essay about Creativity in Leadership
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Creativity is more like curling a ball, you execute the move and give room for a swing. When motivating people to be creative, I always talk about freedom. To motivate employees I always strive to match their skills and expertise with the job they are doing. This way they will be motivated by the job and be challenged to be creative.

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Mistakes are perfect opportunities to grow and creativity comes with large chunks of creativity. I am usually devoted to turning failures into learning opportunities. I reassess the situation and contemplate on how could have approached the problem. Thereafter, after getting or failing to get the answers, I write an article about the idea, failure, how it can be improved, lessons learned and possible repercussions, later I publish and sell published articles.

In conclusion, creativity and innovation can be applied in every aspect of life. It is used in developing methods, processes, techniques in major fields like design, economics, management, engineering, computer sciences among others. Creativity and innovation can occur when problem encountered or in research studies with an aim of contributing to new knowledge and information.


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