Free Essay Example: Sociology Theories on Advertisements

Published: 2022-12-11
Free Essay Example: Sociology Theories on Advertisements
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Critical theory refers to a reflective assessment as well as a critique of culture and society that uses knowledge from the humanities and social sciences to define the origin of any pseudo-event in the societal setting. Most business enterprises prefer using different advertisement process which sometimes jeopardizes the sensibility of the people. This paper focuses on examining the importance of sociology theories in analyzing the advertisements. It captures the people's perception towards approaches used in making the advertisements.

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The advertisements, Nike "equality" and "charlotte McKinney," represent reality and mass deception of culture industry because the set of ideas used in making the adverts developed from public exposure to the same news source or media. For instance, in the Charlotte McKinney, the product of the culture economy took the artwork appearance although it was dependent on the economy and industry for the interest of luring consumers.

Adverts on Pseudo-individualization

The advertisements address many people and consumers with a focus on an individual's perception. They promote false needs in their attempts to bring happiness among the consumers. Similarly, the adverts deceive people to believe in having the same ways of making choices.

Advertisements and Critique Capacity

The adverts adversely allow critique capacity. For example, in the Nike "equality has no boundary" the lighting used does not provide explicit provision of the intended purpose and viewers can easily assume it. Similarly, although it fights for equality on both genders giving female more dominance is not the best choice. On the other hand, Charlotte McKinney may not be associated with its intended purpose at first glance (Charlotte, 2015).

Marcuse's Concept of Repressive Desublimation

The use of different art elements such as musical accompaniments used in the past to represent different categories of items being advertised. Similarly, the adverts incorporated art into a society make them utilize Marcuse's concept of repressive desublimation where he regards music as both for soul and salesmanship.


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