Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey. Poem Analysis Essay.

Published: 2019-08-28
Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey. Poem Analysis Essay.
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Often times we are surrounded by clutter that jams up our minds and renders us unable to think clearly. When we get up in the sunrise and turn on our television set, we are more likely to be bombarded with an advert or worse yet, by depressing news. There is no way of avoiding this clutter; it seems to be trailing us like a shadow on a sunny day. On our stereo, when we flip through the magazines, on the billboards as we cruise down any of the highways, from some of the conversations from our colleagues at work- our minds keep on feeding on often times degrading information. If this trend keeps on, we might end up underutilizing the creative faculties of our minds. So, how can we keep revitalizing our minds to be ever creative?

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Nature has a way of reconnecting us back to our creative faculties. When we take a break from our incessant and rigorous urban life and for a change, opt to hike or camp at the serene countryside, a sense of peace and tranquility surround us. This is the moments when the cognitive load in our minds is lessened, and our minds can think clearly. According to the poem by William, Wordsworth, he explores the restorative power nature has on the human soul. Wordsworth contrasts the sensation of the state of mind when he reflects on the adventures he had in the meadows and the mountains Vis a Vis when his heart in a joyless and fretful state. In this joyless and fretful state, the poet yearns for a spree of adventure through the woods. How oft, in spirit, have I turned to thee, O Sylvan Wye! Thou wanderer thro the woods. Reconnecting with nature, according to the author rejuvenated the clarity of the mind and revived dwindling hopes.

Whatever that we let our thoughts to feed on will ultimately affect how we feel and act. If we feed our minds with negative information, then we can only expect negative moods and behaviors. A mind feeding on refreshing positive thoughts will result in positive behavior and positive energy being emitted. Our television news programs are filled with negative depression events. The news we get every time we turn on our televisions often times rotates on murders, economic hardships, domestic feuds and so many other negative strings of events. Exposing ourselves to too much of such events will make us depressed and hopeless. The news is focusing on perpetual economic hardships, for instance, will make us anxious and worry about whether we will be able to have our daily bread the following day or week. We become mean; hardly do we help those in need because we are too worried about our needs. Such is the outcome of feeding our minds with too much of news from our televisions.

Reconnecting with nature, as stressed by William Wordsworth in the Poem, will reduce the mental clutter and stimulate creativity and imaginations in our minds, lest we reduce our minds to savage torpor and miss out on the vast potential our minds are capable of. We should, amidst our busty schedules, set aside time where we can go and savor the beauty nature has.

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