Free Paper on Protecting Workers Rights in Qatar: An Annotated Bibliography and Reflective Memo

Published: 2019-11-28
Free Paper on Protecting Workers Rights in Qatar: An Annotated Bibliography and Reflective Memo
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My research process entailed analysis of findings from different authors. Each of them had different interpretations and viewpoints concerning migrant workers in Qatar. Through the research process, I have learned to integrate the most important points from the author with the topic of the study and understand what the authors communicate and relate it to the research question. It is normal for different authors to depict different slants in their writings. Most importantly, that erupts due to the difference in reality among people. I learned a lot during the evaluation process of various sources where I had to examine every piece of information. Moreover, I learned the importance of understanding viewpoints and making judgments from the sources. The research process has enhanced my critical thinking ability and ability to analyze and synthesize academic data with a view to gaining new knowledge. The research process has equally enhanced the development of my critical thinking skills. For instance, I have become more inquisitive about some issues that affect the contemporary society, ranging from poor governance as in the case of Qatar to exploitation of the countrys labor force. By looking at the issue of worker exploitation in Qatar and the Middle East in general from a scholarly perspective, I have gained deeper insights into the prevailing concerns on workers rights and employee equality. While both genders of immigrants suffer in poor working conditions, women tend to suffer the most in Qatar, where they mostly work as domestic workers with little or no pay. The articles reviewed herein expound the gender dimension in workers exploitation in Qatar and perhaps across many other countries where the civil society and labor unions are non-existent or less vibrant. This has gone a long way in enhancing my support for the civil society and labor unions as essential components of a progressive global society.

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Kronfol, Ziad, Marwa Saleh, and Maha Al-Ghafry. "Mental health issues among migrant workers in Gulf Cooperation Council countries: Literature review and case illustrations." Asian journal of psychiatry 10 (2014): 109-113.

In this article the authors delve into the high cases of violation of human rights in Qatar. Key among the highlighted facts is that Qatar is one of the countries in the world that still exploits domestic workers alongside Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. The authors submit that with the increase in the number of workers in the oil and gas companies, millions of domestic servants go to Qatar in pursuit of employment opportunities end up living in servitude upon arrival and the women are most disadvantaged. This article posits that The Qatar World Cup 2022 hosting rights would increase the number of foreign workers working servitude in Qatar because of the expected increase in demand for domestic workers. The article underscores the need for urgent legal and political reform to protect the rights of migrant domestic workers, noting that Qatar the challenges facing domestic workers from Asia and Africa. The authors submit that these workers lack the freedom of movement and suffer from immense physical and mental harm, moreover, some workers get their passports confiscated and do not get paid. Additionally, there are no decent just remunerations for domestic workers despite them having to do exploitative and demeaning work. The article posits that low cadre workers in Qatar still suffer from arbitrary beating, sexual abuse, and rape which negatively affects the physical, emotional, and psychological their wellbeing. Additionally, they do not benefit from the gradual expansion of mainstream social labor policies that characterize socio-economic development since the Industrial Revolution. The authors provide more insight into issue of mistreatment of workers in Qatar and comprehensively explore the extent of the workplace abuse and recommendations for protecting domestic workers in the region. The article suggests ideas aimed at forming policies for protecting domestic workers in Qatar to encourage the protection of workers in other parts of the world. Henderson, Joan C. "The development of tourist destinations in the Gulf: Oman and Qatar compared." Tourism Planning & Development 12.3 (2015): 350-361.

The author acknowledges the pride of winning its bid to host 2022 World Cup as the first Arab country and the plans to undertake massive constructions to support the activity some of which include nine state-of-the-art stadia equipped with cooling technology. Despite the progress, the greatest concern is the vast number of migrant workers currently trooping to Qatar in pursuit of jobs in the construction and hospitality industries which also comprise a significant proportion of the Qatari workers already deprived of employment rights. The article highlights the concern that immigrant workers in Qatar get the lowest pay compared to the average minimum wage set by International Labor Organization (ILO). In addition, migrant and low cadre workers in Qatar are reported to work for long hours for below average wages.

The workers problems highlighted in this article calls for adequate measures to address the human rights problems that dominate the construction industry in Qatar and adds to the fact that migrant workers are not allowed to exercise the rights to free association and collective bargaining within the construction industry. The article provides a clear examination of the implication of violation of workers rights in the Middle East specifically in Qatar. The article further highlights the barriers that workers in Qatar face when they attempt to report complaints or seek legal redress. This article seeks the attention of the global labor unions to champion the rights of workers in the Middle East and ensure that FIFA 2022 World Cup spearheads progressive workers rights in the region. The research methodology employed in the study is comprehensive enough and provides both qualitative and quantitative data for future studies. The source is relevant for future studies and expounds on the best approaches to protecting workers in Qatar and the Middle East in general.

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