Paper Example. Boston Fine Arts Museum Visit

Published: 2023-01-20
Paper Example. Boston Fine Arts Museum Visit
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The cultural center for fine art is an incredible place to be and offers an array of things to do, and it was fascinating visiting the Boston fine art museum in the U.S. There is a lot of information that can be gained from visiting the Boston Fine Arts Museum and learn about the stories connected to the covers.

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Museum Visited and Entrance Charges

I visited the Boston Museum of fine arts located in Boston city in the United States and was established in 1870 on 1st of June on Saturday and charged an admission entrance of $23 for the Athenaeum Boston holding library services. The museum is the only one of its kind in the world and thus, the most extensive collection of Asian art and France paintings from the 19th century to the modern day (Curran 80). The museum had a variety of arts with the conspicuous attraction of Dutch objects of industrial sculpture. The difficulty in the entrance of the Boston museum is the long process and of acquiring a permit and the high demand of population entering the museum making the library art to be congested. The parking fee was also moderate, coupled with large bays that allowed numerous vehicles during the visit of Americans industrial art.

Employee Attitude and Museum Atmosphere

The employees were friendly as the cashier engaged every visitor in ensuring the $23 amount paid was invoiced and obtained a document allowing the entry permit to the Boston Museum of fine arts. The guards also directed the visitors on providing direction to various exhibitions as the docent employees provided more explanations and answered the asked questions concerning the fine arts, thereby acting as a guide in the Boston museum. The visitors were overwhelmed by the rich artwork of the Boston museum and the maintenance of various sculptures and paintings from BC to modern days with proper record keeping and knowledge of docents who were fluent in their explanations. The decoration of the paintings also illuminated the cultural achievement and heroes of Americans (Weaver 124). However, the place was crowded and noisy because of the numerous visitors at the fine art that thrilled me since I experienced how the population was eager to acquire knowledge from the colonial period in Boston museum to the current century thus the need to know more about art.

Museum's Space and Experience

The museum provides adequate conducive space that allows visitors to enjoy the viewing experience. The museum layout reveals the creativity and architecture of the Boston Museum of fine art in arranging the various artworks with efficacy in maintenance and ensuring quality paintings. The Americans section of art reveals the created world class of decorated sculptures and painting about the departments chronologically. The European artworks depict the holdings of more than 21000 ornamented sculptures, while the Asian art section contains the majority of BC paintings (Curran 82). The African art section in the fine art museum reveals the historic nature of historic pillars of palaces and ancient antiques that comprises more than 85000 works. The museum has a conducive environment where a person can enjoy and learn about Boston fine arts. The Judaica, jewelry, and textile ornaments made the experience memorable and enjoyed the magnificent beauty of textile collections and geographic history of the Boston museum that makes it appealing and exciting to visit.

Impressive and Unimpressive Museum Pieces

The most impressive jewelry and political art department since they reveal the beauty of ornaments and the rich collection of every culture that was used as a form of currency in BC and its evolution to date and how gold and silver were used in harnessing beauty among various culture globally (Curran 86). The political aspect reveals the founding fathers of Americans and the great world leaders who passed, thereby showcasing their attributes towards the prospective nature of the current generation of leaders from their rich principles and leadership skills. Besides, the Boston art museum bridged the gap of cultural and historical experience hence motivating the visitors to obtain more knowledge in the artwork. However, the least experience item from the Boston museum is lack of consistent sequence of some political sculptures and drawings that make visitors disinterested since their achievement and actions have consequences that people disagree in opinion hence the need to reevaluate their engravings.

Overall Museum Experience

The visit to the Boston museum was a memorable experience. The best part of the visit was the engraving and creativity in drawings and paintings which make the visitors and society appreciate the documented artwork and the hospitality of the employees coupled with the fluent elaboration of artworks by docents (Xanthoudaki, Maria, Les Tickle, and Veronica 132). I visited the place for four hours which I felt was not enough given the number of numerous visitors who were there hence will strive to go back again to the fine art museum in Boston and become more endowed by the artwork and the creativity in the layout of the museum. Conclusion

It was a fantastic experience visiting the justifiable and famous Boston museum of fine arts. The museum provides an array and insight of appreciating art since they are memorable and informative to subsequent generations. Through the visit, the possession of facts concerning the sculptures and the ambient of the Boston museum manifests in the hospitality of employees and creativity of the design coupled with the diversity of rich cultures from ancient times to modern period.

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