Leaving a Legacy - Free Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-17
Leaving a Legacy - Free Essay Example
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Every person has a good or bad story that is handed down from one generation to the other. President Bill Clintons legacy includes the resurrection of the Democratic Party. His election to office ended the Republican monopoly on the presidency where they had won the presidency six times consecutively. After his presidential victory in 1992, the Democrats have won the presidency till 2012. To date, he remains an influential figure in American politics. President Clinton also has a legacy as a peace ambassador by ending the hostilities between the Irish Republican Army and Great Britain. He also brought a peace treaty between Israel and Jordan. Additionally, Clinton is remembered for reducing the rate of unemployment from 7% to 3%. His economic policies led the U.S to broad-based post-recession prosperity.

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President Clinton believed in providing answers to negative criticism and feedback to avoid misconception by the public. He believed in talking to people who do not agree with his methods to gain insight on the real issues affecting them. Therefore, Clinton was a Democratic leader who consulted the people before making major decisions affecting them. His inclusive and problem focused leadership style has yielded him the most attention among all the other presidents. Additionally, President Clinton is seen as a transformational leader who inspires people with a vision and brings change to the way of doing things.

President George W. Bush is remembered as a controversial. President Bush played a significant role in helping the American to come to terms with the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. He managed to reach a 90% approval rating in the wake of the attacks. He retaliated by ordering the invasion of Afghanistan-based Taliban militia responsible for the attacks. His Legacy is overshadowed by the long going Afghanistan and Iraq war. Therefore, President Bush is remembered for having started a long war but failing to capture the mastermind Osama bin Laden, which his predecessor Barack Obama did. Bush also has a legacy of instituting the no child left behind policy leading to improved education. His reign also brought a considerable loss in employment opportunities, the financial recession of 2008 and a crash of the stock market.

George W. Bush was a decisive president who provided gut-based solutions to problems. He mainly took advice from his team of advisers when making decisions such as going to war with Iraq and implementing massive cuts. As a result, Bush was an autocratic leader as he did not seek the opinion of the American citizens when making such decision that affects them. Bush was also controversial and never hesitated to take sides. However, Bush was a tough and focused leader who pursued all his goals with vigor. However, his lack of patience and reliance on a small team of advisers instead of the citizens he governs makes him a wanting leader.

The two leaders have different ideologies. Clinton helps me to understand the importance of servant leadership. By portraying himself as a servant of the people, President Bill Clinton helps me understand the need for a leader to establish a close relationship with followers by identifying with their issues. President Bush, on the other hand, is reckless in decision making following disastrous occurrences. He helps me to understand the need for a leader to have a disaster preparedness and response traits. Additionally, Bush failures and controversies highlight the need for two-way communication and consultation of followers during decision making. The lack of discussion leads to insufficient visions. Thus, a leader should involve supporters in decision making.

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