Free Essay. Katz's Idea of Violence as a Gender Problem

Published: 2023-08-02
Free Essay. Katz's Idea of Violence as a Gender Problem
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Katz associates masculinity with violence. According to Katz, right from a young age, boys learn that they are free to get what they want from women as opposed to girls who learn that they should be submissive. Therefore, boys grow into men knowing that “no” is not an exception in whatever request they have. Katz stresses that violence crisis in American society is a result of the “man-up” requirements for boys that requires them to be tough as a way of developing an agency. Katz, in the film, suggests that people have masculinity is an elevated gender and that people should listen to what a man has to say. Failure to do that, he should use any means possible to “make them listen,” which is the ultimate cause of violence. Additionally, Katz suggests that violence had an excellent chance of thriving as it was considered a “women’s issue,” ensuring men paid no attention to the violence they propagated. Meaning of Power is Hidden Regarding Race and Gender

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Katz denotes that power is the capacity to influence the decision-making process and take an active part in the deciding aspect depending on race and gender. There is a specific race that is powerful compared to the others. People might think that all are equal, but gender and race matter in determining a person’s authority. The masculine gender is more powerful than the female gender. The same applies to whites and people of color.

The Striking Aspect of Katz’s Violence Statistics

Katz’s statistics on rape and domestic violence are breathtaking. According to Katz, rape has, for a long time, been a women’s issue. However, 99 percent of the rape cases reported relate to men. Men and boys are the primary perpetrators of rape and domestic violence. Despite this, a lot of focus and attention on rape and domestic violence focuses on blaming the women who are the victims in these cases.

Backlash and its Causes

Backlash, according to Katz, refers to the changes in gender or race traditions in society. These changes may include the perceived inferiority of people of color, as well as the supremacy of men over women. Notable examples of the backlash include the civil rights movements of the 1960s advocating for the abolishment of white supremacy, the women’s movement advocating for the inclusion of females in power, the LGBTs movements challenging discrimination of people based on their sexual orientation and the student’s movement that were against the United States’ civil war in Vietnam. The inequality posed by gender and race power is the primary cause of backlash. People feel that there is a need to incorporate changes in their lives. Therefore, today’s generations live a different lifestyle from the previous generations.

The Role of Media Representations in Perpetuated Violence

Media representation plays a central role in influencing the thoughts and behaviors of people. Certain narratives are stating that watching violent trends and screens relates to the increased violence and aggression amongst the young generation. Additionally, violence in the screen media may increase cases of violent crime and reinforce violent traits amongst individuals with violent behaviors. Nonetheless, media representations help in condemning acts of violence in society.

Katz’s Suggestion on Violence and Masculinity

Violence and masculinity have a firm connection in today’s society. According to Katz, the best way to deal with violence and masculinity is, to be honest about the issue of masculinity and violence, and pay attention to the effects and the connections of masculinity to the problems of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and dating and relationship violence. Katz suggests that addressing these issues is crucial in transforming the mentality of boys and men. Katz suggests that men, not only those who undergo emotional stress as a result of violence but also the “tough guys” in society, should be at the forefront of the war against masculinity and violence.

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