Essay Sample Describing the Challenges Associated with Domestic Terrorism

Published: 2022-07-15
Essay Sample Describing the Challenges Associated with Domestic Terrorism
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In the coming years, domestic terrorism may be hard to be stopped or prevented. This is because there is regulation of ownership of most of the weapons, like in the case of the United States regulating the ownership of guns, has there being a lot of examples of domestic terrorism (Kunreuther, Howard, and Erwann Michel-Kerjan2004). A lot of other factors will hinder the control through but to be giving people the authority to have war types of equipment like guns, promote domestic terrorism, since a person may opt to attack others due to being furious for specific reasons.

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Unlike many other challenges with domestic terrorism, there does not exist any possible solution to the challenges since there are of a tactic which is cost-effective, of the weak individuals against opponents who are more formidable (Horgan, John, and Kurt Braddock,2010). Significant anxiety can be created from very cheap domestic terrorism attacks, the material used in attacking individuals is cheap and cost as low as $150, and on average it can kill 12 to 15 people which is a significant loss. The cost of taking care of destructed materials and lost lives and the injured is much high than the cost that may have been used to carry out particular terrorism.

Domestic terrorism brings about unique challenges in society presently. The challenges are very different from other types of world crisis fundamentally. First, the challenge to be considered is the total number of lost lives through there being domestic terrorism. However, the number may be a bit down and less compared to the number of lives that are lost through other causes in the world (Kunreuther, Howard, and Erwann Michel-Kerjan2004). For example, in the United States, 1249 individuals get injured, and 420 do lose they live due to domestic terrorism, but in the same place the country losses over thirty thousand individuals through highways annually. These are very ironic.

Second domestic terrorism is associated with the problem of other hostage missions and kidnapping. These are due to the establishment of biometric scanning's on airports, and different surroundings in the country decreased skyjackings. For example, US embassies were fortified, and these saw the assaults of embassy reducing, but there was an increment on diplomat officials assassinations (Horgan, John, and Kurt Braddock, 2010). The countermeasures may have harmful consequences that are not intended to be there, strict offensive measures baring terrorism may see there is a development of backlash attacks due to the creation of new grievances.

Third, having strict rules against terrorism can make full use of resources at a high rate without making any effort of reducing the terrorism risks or any other risk. However, in contradiction terrorists require limited resources in order to carry out they activities publicly, to the targeted areas (Kunreuther, Howard, and Erwann Michel-Kerjan2004). Fourth, domestic terrorism brings about dilemma in the real sense for liberal democracies, giving a response to compromises of the democratic rules and laws and gets terrorists to support in turn. While the response to simple constituency support makes the government's failure known, in protecting property and lives. Hence, the actions of the government can lead to future domestic terrorism.

Fifth, terrorism can have assumptions on complex issues like, nuclear, radiological. Chemical, and biological attacks. These signs in the near future there will be very evident. Sixth, owing to the counterfactuals, the evaluation of actions or solutions against the terror of domestic terrorism is hard (Horgan, John, and Kurt Braddock, 2010). For instance, the case of domestic terrorism with no actions of its type, it becomes hard in identification. Generally, only the cost or benefit side is bound of a solution is readily known.

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