Essay Sample: Jani Case Study

Published: 2023-08-27
Essay Sample: Jani Case Study
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Physical activity is very important for the health of an individual. Jani is being faced with barriers that limit her physical activeness. The barrier is her medical condition as she suffers from obesity, full-blown high blood pressure, and asthma. The main problem is the obesity she suffers from, which is the outcome of energy imbalance due to few calories being burned, with many of them being consumed. Obesity is a problem because Jani stopped going for exercises at the community center, which then results in fewer calories being burned up, leading to more weight of 200 pounds, an increase from 50 pounds, which she had earlier while she was doing exercises. Jani also has asthma, which affects its physical fitness through restricted breathing, which threatens her life and occasional cough and tightness in the chest, which sometimes shortens distance an individual walks. Another barrier is the full-blown high blood pressure. Jani is at risk because the high blood pressure has reached a severe level making physical exercise difficult. Jani is not able to start doing the exercise right away when high blood pressure is still very high because it is risky.

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To overcome the challenges, Jani has to start with reducing the level of her blood pressure, which is at the full-blown level. She cannot engage in any new physical exercise without seeking medication to reduce the level of blood pressure. Hence, Jani should seek medication for high blood pressure after speaking to her nurse of a doctor. Pharmacologic therapy is suitable to reduce the high blood pressure to a moderate level, which permits physical exercise. The goal of the therapy is to preserve exercise capacity and central hemodynamics during exercise to reduce increases in diastolic and systolic blood pressure and lower elevated resting blood pressure during the time of physical exercise.

The solution is to subject Jani to a program that involves regular exercises as a primary intervention. Dynamic exercise tailored to reduce obesity and high blood pressure are needed. Aerobic exercise is required for over ten weeks, which will reduce high blood pressure. But the exercise is done after Jani has taken medication that reduces the condition from full-blown high blood pressure to moderate level. She has to start with a low-intensity exercise, then moderate, and finish with vigorous one towards the end of the ten weeks. Jani should start with building her physical activity targets by starting with about 10 to 20 minutes of aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise daily in the first weeks to minimize fatigue and muscle soreness that can affect the program (Strasser, 2013). If such an initial level is completed successfully, a moderate exercise is initiated by increasing the duration or intensity of the exercises. Based on Jani's medical history, the suitable intensity is moderate.

The aerobic physical activity will treat high blood pressure and, at the same time, reduces weight. Also, the most suitable exercise for Jani because of its high blood pressure condition is walking and running. Also, because she is obese, she has to practice moderate swimming activity, which takes about 30 to 45 minutes sessions for three days per week (Freitas et al., 2017). Another exercise technique suitable for her is Resistance training, which should be done about three times a week. The best resistance training is the circuit weigh training, which Jani has to do to assist in lowering the high blood pressure. After every exercise, be it strengthening or resistance and aerobic or endurance exercises, a sphygmomanometer should be utilized to measure her blood pressure to monitor any changes that might occur. The exercises will result in a reduction in weight, muscular fitness, which then reduces the effects of asthma due to improved cardiorespiratory fitness.

Exercise Program

Aerobic Exercise

The exercise should be practiced three times a week, and it should take 20 minutes (Guess, 2012). Warm Up has to take five to ten minutes of stretching of the entire body to increase heart rate. Then walking on an incline for a minute, then at free walking space for a minute, which is increased as time course. The next is a Cool Down for five to ten minutes of slow walking to reduce heart rate. A ten minutes stretching has to follow.

Resistance Training

It should be done two times a week, and it takes place after the aerobic exercise to improve her muscular technique and endurance (Guess, 2012). Between each set of exercises, a one-minute rest is needed. They include leg extension, bench press, dumbbell shoulder, leg curls, row, bicep curls, side crunches, back extension, and abdominal crunches.

In conclusion, physical inactivity is the cause of obesity and full-blown high blood pressure in Jani, which has led to difficulty in walking long distances and has ruined her physical exercises. The exercises of an aerobic and strengthening nature are significant for her as it reduce her weight and, at the same time, reduce her blood pressure to a normal level after the medication has reduced it to a moderate level.


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