Essay Example: Why I Want to Pursue an MBA

Published: 2022-11-07
Essay Example: Why I Want to Pursue an MBA
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In the quest of attaining higher grounds of economic development, the oil and gas industry plays a major role. The country's economy is highly dependent on the energy chains which in turn is strengthened with the rise of energy demand. The ever-increasing energy requirements have therefore led to a higher consumption rate of oil and gas. Many at times, people equate success to their pay packet and for some reason, this could be good news for those with an MBA. Overall, an MBA provides people with the foundation of career management by imparting knowledge of various business aspects in different fields.

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MBA is one of the most sought after degrees worldwide due to its wide-range employability options and enriching potentials. Generally, when you ask people about which area of MBA they want to pursue, their responses are always varied. You will hear some say an MBA in marketing, HR, or Finance among others. Holding a bachelor's degree and having worked in the oil and gas industry for more than eight years as a supervisor, pursuing an MBA in oil and gas management will advance my career to the next level.

In that regard, pursuing an MBA in oil and gas management will enable me to achieve massive employment opportunities, a unique and challenging field that requires talented individuals and a high scope of a good career with good returns. As earlier mentioned, the oil and gas are one of the core industries that greatly contributes to the economy of the United States. As of 2017, the United States had the ninth and fifth largest oil and natural gas reserves respectively (Statista, n.d.). Particularly, the U.S doubles up as the world's largest oil consumer as well as the largest natural gas consuming state, consuming approximately 913 million metric tons of oil and 27 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2017.

An MBA in oil and gas industry not only offers opportunities; it needs talented individuals who can transform numerous things in the sector at its highest potential. As such, one needs to prove their worth before entering this programme. Some of the skills required include team leading skills, analytical skills, being self-driven, ability to simplify complex matters, being industrious and possessing strong subject knowledge among other aspects.

Additionally, earning an MBA in oil and gas management will broaden my subject knowledge and impart me with competencies to apply strategic values within the gas and oil industry. Also, it will help boost my self-confidence and strengths which will work as significant assets to landing a great job.

Overall, an MBA opens up new avenues and provides individuals with new skills at the workplace. The curriculum seeks to provide individuals with the necessary managerial skills necessary to lead people as people with an MBA possess high levels of credibility and are extremely confident and able to influence other members of staff. Moreover, the emphasis within the course is placed on teamwork and role-playing that helps build a rapport with people and make you an all-rounded person. Therefore, an MBA in oil and gas management provides professionals with a wide range of knowledge about energy management as well as a mind for understanding international strategies.

For many people, embracing change in their personal or professional lives can be a difficult proposition. Change yet inevitable, is the only constant in the world. Many at times people are reluctant to step out of their comfort zones because they are too attached to their old habits and ways of living. Having graduated with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering, I worked spent two years working on special projects for the company until the untimely demotion of my manager. I was put in his pace with only two-year experience to manage a department that had several branches not only in the United States but worldwide. At only twenty-four years, this was quite a big challenge since I had no much experience dealing with personnel and project management. Two years after being the manager I ventured into new projects representing an internal field service that involved removing all third-party field inspectors working on the control equipment. The project was well received and within a couple of weeks, I ventured into a new project that took approximately three years to develop. In the long run, the oil and gas industry fell apart incurring more than fifty percent in losses of the workload.

In the beginning, it was difficult hence I decide to rent out equipment and ultimately clients saw the value in it which in the turn placed our company at the best industry standards. The following year an opportunity came up and I had to change my job completely. I went from managing a company that provides service and rental equipment to directly managing drilling operations in Oklahoma. New challenges are bound to arise every day and the decision and making the right decision to drill these oil and gas are key in being a successful manager. Overall, embracing change enables one to achieve massive success both in their personal and professional lives.


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