Essay Sample: Interview Report

Published: 2023-08-23
Essay Sample: Interview Report
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The one individual who I have decided to interview is the CEO of the organization. Dr. Melissa Merrick is the CEO of Prevent child abuse in America. The interview jerked off on June 1st, 2020, at 3:00 pm. At Dr. Melissa Merrick’s main office. Dr. Melissa Merrick was able to answer all my questions in her the best knowledge.

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Interviews summary

Dr. Melissa Merrick.

Why did you decide to work at PCA America?

Prevent child abuse America marked the beginning of a new chapter in my career as well as my professional life. Prevent Child Abuse America has a vibrant history apart from being the oldest not-for-profit organization in the country. It is broadly known for its influential staff, who are so dedicated to which everyone would love to be associated.

What is your duty as the CEO of the organization?

If I may say, I had a strong serendipity to pay a visit and have a look at the work done at many prevent child abuse chapters nationwide. My main duty is to keep exploring so as I can see how we can generate a robust foundation for communities and ensure that all siblings grow up safe and stable.

What made you accept the job in preventing child abuse in America?

I have worked in (NCIPC) which is at (CDC) as a senior epidemiologist for 18 years and I already knew what I was expecting. The organization has a hardworking staff that also is goal oriented.sWhat are (NCIPC) and (CDC?)

NCIPC stands for “National Center for Injury Prevention and Control” and (CDC) stands for “Centre for Disease control and Prevention” I have worked here for 18 years.

How does the organization recruit volunteers?

“Mostly we do this through word of mouth”.

What is your mission as an organization?

“Our main mission as an organization is to make sure that child abuse and neglect is prevented”.

Is it an overwhelming mission?

It is not! The best thing is that we have many tools and strategies that are desirable to prevent child exploitation from happening positively. Besides we can eloquently influence the lives of children as well as the entire community through approaches such as the expansion of home visiting and also shifting of averages from censuring to supporting them.

What is the long-term goal of the organization?

Our long-term goal is to create a country where all kids have a prodigious infantile and a nation where no child is maltreated or abandoned.

What is your main focus as an organization?

The main focus of this organization is advocating for the presence of national laws and new ways for kids and the community while they are promoting evidence that protects children from abuse and neglect.

In conclusion, it will require the cultivation of cross-sector with the media, business and other firms. It will necessitate turning the main ways of preventing child abuse and negligence into additional exertion to address other vital issues such as health issues.

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