Essay Sample: Personal Philosophy of Practical Nursing

Published: 2022-11-23 05:19:18
Essay Sample: Personal Philosophy of Practical Nursing
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In my life, I have been overwhelmed with a great desire to nurse and care for those in need for as long as I can remember. I am a mother, a daughter, an aspiring nurse, and a woman. A combination of experiences from these perspectives in my life has ultimately directed and motivated me to the career choice as a travel nurse. My fulfillment is found when I am in a position to offer compassionate, empathetic, and personal care to those in need around me. My philosophy of nursing is incorporation of knowledge of the code of ethics provision for nurses and their impact on decision-making process as a nurse, and my interest in nursing. I believe working as a nurse is more than just a profession, if not the noble profession. It is a combination of factors such as an undeniable desire to serve in public service in treating the ill, preventing illness, caring for clients and promotion of health. Therefore, I believe that being a nurse will help me offer professional and personal service to patients while giving me optimum fulfillment in life.

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Ethical foundations are an integral part of a y discipline. The Nursing Code of Ethics is founded by the American Nurses Association (ANA) as a non-negotiable ethical standard to guide all nurses in daily practice and decision making (Gurney, Gillespie, McMahon, & Kolbuk, 2017). The first provision ensures that the nurse acts with respect and compassion for inherent worth, dignity and unique attributes for every person. Secondly, the nurse's primary commitment is sole to the patient. The nurse also advocates, promotes and protects the safety, the rights and the health of patients. Fourthly, a nurse should have accountability, authority, and responsibility in his/her practice (Gurney, Gillespie, McMahon, & Kolbuk, 2017). The duties owed to self by a nurse are similarly owed to others. Further, a nurse ought to promote and establish an ethical environment that is conducive and safe for quality healthcare. Also, the nurse should advance professionally through research, collaborates with others in the health provision, and finally articulate essential values in practice.

These values will greatly inform and inspire my practice as a nurse in developing, maintaining, promoting and ensuring a conducive environment in working while putting patient's interest as primary. Also, the ethical foundation will greatly impact my nursing practice as they will inform my commitment to service through dignity, respect for others, accountability and responsible rendering of my duties. Further, I will always seek to improve my knowledge through scholarly research for the goods of the patients, and thus advance professionally. I believe that these ethical standards will be the guiding principle in my practice as a nurse.

My career goals go a long way in informing my career choice to be a nurse. I aspire to continue acquiring new knowledge and skills in order to empower myself and my patients through my service. Secondly, I am motivated to be a competent and compassionate nurse in my practice, by giving professional care services to patients and developing a positive working relationship with other medical practitioners. Also, I seek to always be an advocate of my patients, questioning and challenging any medical practitioner who fails to offer desired care and attention to patients.

Further, my personal will greatly shape my desire to be a nurse and will go a long way in ensuring that my experience in the medical field is both motivated and inspiring for others. Personally, my family unit is the most important and the most significant thing in my life. It has informed me of the importance and the value of love, care, empathy, honesty and compassion which will go a long way in shaping my work ethic.

Professionally, I aspire to not only be responsible but also respectful and accountable. This value basis will ensure that I develop a positive working relationship with others, carry my duties with diligence while ensuring that those trusted to my care get the best service they could possibly wish for (Silva & Ludwick, 2002). I ultimately believe that ideal professional practice should be based on the three tenets, and thus my experience as a nurse will be both informed and motivated.

Secondly, I aspire to professionally foster an environment that is conducive to healing. The concept of the environment includes both internal and external aspects (Hughes, 2008). This professional value will allow me to see patients as people first, and then make sure that they are in the best environment that is friendly, compassionate, comfortable, and where they can feel they are loved, cared for, and have hope and faith that they will eventually recover normalcy.

In conclusion, I view this as a chance towards personal fulfillment through the provision of personal and professional care to patients. I am inspired to develop knowledge and skills in practice through research and in service learning. These attributes will enable me to assist, facilitate, and support patients, be it individuals, families, communities, or even the society in the reduction of illnesses. A combination of these factors will work for the good of the patients and ensure quality of life through my care.


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