Essay Sample on How Leaders Manage and Balance the Duties

Published: 2023-04-05
Essay Sample on How Leaders Manage and Balance the Duties
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Leaders in organizations are responsible for influencing the behavior of employees and making the vision clear for the workers and motivating them as well. Leaders also work to ensure that the organization complies with the regulatory authority. For a leader to strike a balance in their duties of corporate governance and regulatory affairs, they should be aware of their precise duties. The management has specific duties in corporate governance, which include ascertaining working proficiency, financial recording value, and compliance with appropriate acts, guidelines, instructions, and values. In their attempt to accomplish corporate governance duties, managers accomplish all their roles. Managers are at the same time in touch with the employees, and through that, they understand market trends. Understanding what the market needs, then the management presents it to the board as it should, and the balance is maintained.

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Corporate governance regulatory issues, and compliance, are now the conventional contemplations regarding corporate decision-making to improve fiscal performance, realize stakeholders' anticipations, as well as attain of competitive lead (Clarke, 2004). Financial matters exist that are in line with turnover maximization; moreover, they are encompassed as tactical constituents to realize stakeholders' fluctuating demands, which are accompanied by more weight on moralities, opinions, philosophies, and tools that comprise of moral conduct. Directors are obligated to stress on assuming publically accountable and maintainable plans within the charter of fundamental and global principles. The managers and stakeholders are also aware that they are working towards a common goal. Therefore the managers ensure that the stakeholders' anticipations are met by implementing the right strategies that will give the corporation a competitive advantage and, at the same time, grow the company's revenue

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The board of directors serves to ensure that the company undertakings are working as per the shareholder's and stakeholders' needs (Weiss, 2014). To realize good governance, the managers and the board of directors should have a good and working relationship. Since the two are working towards the same goals, they should work based on trust and respect instead of adopting a boss-subordinate association (The Top 5 Corporate, 2019). The managers should find a way to make the board of directors considerately and reverently listen to them. He should be able to communicate the situation in the market since he is more in touch with it and listen to their viewpoints. The manager should call upon the board to meddle when challenging tendencies occur, and they are not able to solve. This relationship will, therefore, help the company realize its business goals with minimal conflicts.


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