Essay Sample on Interracial Dating Issues

Published: 2019-05-23
Essay Sample on Interracial Dating Issues
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As the society becomes enlightened, cultures have changed significantly. People from distinct backgrounds can now interact freely without discrimination. The issue of interracial dating has ceased to become a controversial issue it once was. People are now free to love and marry whoever they want. As a matter of fact, about 15.1% of marriages that were coming up by 2010 were interracial. The world is appreciating the fact that all human beings are the same regardless of their background.

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Interracial dating has so far proved beautiful healthy and thriving that most people expect. What is usually necessary is simply to ensure that you are emotionally and mentally on the same page with your partner. There is a need to ensure that before one gets into such a relationship he/she evaluates what matters. Interracial dating involves merging of different histories, cultures, traditions, attitudes and philosophies. He/she must be sure that this is what is right for him/her. Additionally, it is important to ensure that they can agree on issues such as gender responsibilities. Once all this has been properly taken care of, then one is free to start dating his/her Mr./ Mrs. right.

Once the dating has started, most likely one is likely to get objections from friend and family members. Both parties should prepare to deal with such members of the society and be able to make them understand. Traditionally, marrying outside your culture was considered as a betrayal of the family. It was also deemed to be a cultural betrayal. However, to ensure that relationships succeed both parties must be ready to reassure their family members that their relationship is not intended to betray their cultures.

No relationship can be over-generalized to be better than another. Interracial relationships ensure that a society becomes diverse and accepting. For example, research conducted by Pew on the impact of interracial marriages on Americans shows that 43% of the Americans agree that interracial relationships are beneficial to the society.

Someone would then wonder why he/she should decide to go for an interracial relationship. It makes relationships appear more fun that they would normally are It gives a person an exposure to new ways of thinking as one tries to familiarize themselves with the culture of their partner. First, different cultures exhibit different ideas that affect the lifestyle of a people. Secondly, one gets to be stronger in what he/she believes since when you gain exposure to different culture and probably religions, you can be able to make independent decisions that affect your lifestyle. Finally, you can explore other countries when you go to acquit yourself with the family members of your partner not mentioning the incredible experiences that you likely to have with someone you respect and cherish.

However, interracial relationships have challenges. A person who decides to go for an interracial relationship should be very confident and emotionally stable. As had been pointed out earlier, they should be ready to meet all sorts of objections. For example, there are some families who may decide to keep a distance from them because they will consider you as a sellout. Some others will make direct or indirect comments signaling you that you are way far from the right. In such a case, one does not need to advance the faction created but be able to graciously and articulately make them understand that such a relationship is healthy.

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