Free Paper for Students: Op-ed about Eliminating Cash Bail System in Philadelphia

Published: 2022-08-31
Free Paper for Students: Op-ed about Eliminating Cash Bail System in Philadelphia
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An op-ed, op refers to the opposite and the ed for editorial (Mathew,2018). This implies that op-ed refers to the opposite of an editorial page(Mathew,2018). The term today refers to a column that gives the strong focused and informed opinion of the writer of a column that describes an issue that is relevant to the specified audience. The following op-ed is specific to California's elimination of the cash bail system. The following op-ed is on eliminating the cash bail system in Philadelphia which allows for the waiting time in people waiting to get a pay bail and thus not be arrested before the beginning of the trial. A significant concern is that significant citizens in the country are from low-income families a therefore rarely afford the cash bail and as a result end in jails(Mathew,2018).

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There have been tremendous strides in the push to end cash bails after listening to community needs. According to Mathew (2018) Philadelphia city councils passes a resolution which urged several government agencies like DA and state legislators to cut the reliance on cash bail)). This would be the excellent implication for the criminal justice system in the country where defendants are often incarcerated since they cannot afford the cash bail. The DA in the city already initiated plan stop the cash bail request for given offenses.

PARENT (2018) suggest that city council in the country has requested the lawmakers and the courts to revise the laws and the procedural codes that govern a bailing the country which allows for the elimination of the cash bail in the country. The cash bail keeps thousands of minor offenses incarnated for a minor offense and who cannot afford the cash bail (ORSO, 2017). According to ORSO (2017), the state would save almost 75 million us dollars in the cash bail was revarnished(Mathew,2018). The op-ed system allows people to reconnect with their families in time but also brings the focus on the national problem on the criminal justice system in the country (Philadelphia Tribune Editorial, 2018). If defendants don't pay the has bailed, they will remain-n in jail till the trial dates. This mat takes away their jobs and it's approximated that the annual cost incurred in detaining those not convicted and still waiting for hearing is almost $9 billion (Philadelphia Tribune Editorial, 2018). according to the Philadelphia Tribune Editorial (2018) cash bail in Philadelphia keeps the poor in bars instead of the most dangerous people who have money. According to Mathew (2018). Organizations have shifted their attention to informing the judiciary and have increased the recognition that keeping people in custody since they cannot afford cash bail is wrong (ORSO, 2017).

According to Mathew (2018) bails are a medieval tool in the criminal justice system a requires checkup and change. The poor are often affected by the cash bail since the defendants agree to crimes because they are sure they will not afford the cash bail (Mathew, 2018). thus desperate guilty plea affects the personal life (Mathew, 2018). Even when lower bails are made, defendants often can make them and this has combatted the reforms in bailing redefinition since the bail, industry point out that this is the only way for people to return to the courts (Mathew, 2018). The new resolution to this issue encourages the Attorney's offices to institute policies that will significantly reduce the reliance on cash bails (Mathew, 2018). There is a real shift in the country concerning bail reliance and organizations have taken note of the issues limiting the cash bail elimination in that judges often deny cash bails since they halfway follow release recommendations (Mathew, 2018).


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