Education Essay Example: A Technical School Is Better Than University

Published: 2019-06-26
Education Essay Example: A Technical School Is Better Than University
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Choosing a career path is one of the greatest dilemmas young people face while seeking admission to tertiary institutions after leaving high school. It is often difficult to make such decisions because of the various considerations that must be taken into account before arriving at the ultimate decision. The purpose of this essay is to explore the reasons as why a technical school is better than a university when it comes to making the decisions mentioned above.

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Technical schools provide an opportunity for students that cannot progress to university education because of various constraints. These vocational centers teach skills that are related to a particular job, tapping into the talents that are unique to every individual. The apprenticeship approach employed by the instructors during training exposes the learners to practical experience that enables students to absorb directly into the labor market without going through internships (Morrish 100-104). It is important to note that vocational training is not a preserve of average high school graduates.

University education is essential for the economic sustainability of any country. The education helps learners to acquire knowledge and skills in different disciplines. They specialize in the preferred areas of study as they progress up the ladder. Higher learning institutions train professionals such as Lawyers, Nurses, Doctors, Accountants, Engineers, and Technologists ("Technical College Vs. Accredited University"). These people use their skills in offering a multiplicity of services to different sectors of the economy. University education has a leaning towards academics; involving theoretical aspects of various concepts and practical exposures to the application of these concepts.

Technical school education is better than university training because it offers the learners to practical skills that are specific to particular job requirements. Students do not spend time learning abstract and broad concepts that irrelevant to their areas of interest. Also, vocation schools give talented young people the opportunity to exploit their talents at a considerably cheaper cost compared to universities. Furthermore, technical schools train learners about life skills that are the foundation of entrepreneurship that drives the world economy (Gordon 23)

Higher learning institutions are better than technical schools due to the level of education that is offered. Students are exposed to different disciplines that improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Learners do not rely on one area of knowledge to advance their academic goals. The experience gained in universities equips the students with skills that would allow them to deal effectively with career challenges since they can quickly adjust whenever necessary. There is also a financial gain associated with staying in school longer than it is in vocational courses (Schwartzman, Pinheiro, and Pillay n.d)

Technical school education focuses on the learners talents. It is better than university education because it is cheaper and focuses on specific skills. However, its acquisition depends on the academic needs and aspirations of the student.

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