Essay Sample on Insurance and Diversity

Published: 2023-09-10
Essay Sample on Insurance and Diversity
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Until very recently, I have always imagined a career in insurance as one of the most monotonous professions that puts one in a sedentary lifestyle in a rented office waiting to address clients' claims or out in the field trying to sell policies to mostly uninterested customers. However, the constant evolution of the world with innovations and new ideas has greatly altered my perspective on the profession.

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As an aspiring professional in this field, I chose insurance as it offers a flexible work schedule, meaning that I will not be occasionally stuck in brick-and-mortar office blocks addressing clients' issues, rather, I may be constantly interacting with new people and ideas based on field assignments in the line of the insurance business. Secondly, there has been massive innovation in the technology sector in the present decade. Consequently, the insurance industry must manage the risks relating to these innovations such as autonomous vehicles, the Internet of things, drones, and many more (Aguinaga, 2017). I believe these changes will present a thrilling experience in the risk management of such technologies, some of which were formally beyond my conceivable reality.

The insurance industry also grants opportunities to the millennials to practice their innovation, and to use their skills to achieve ultimate goals (Aguinaga, 2017). Having a background from this generation, I intend to use the resources provided in this field in achieving life’s goals such as advancing campaigns to address constraints to diversity as well as animal insurance. In these campaigns, I aspire to participate in developing innovative solutions that will not only benefit me but the industry at large.

As mentioned earlier in the text, the insurance profession offers the opportunity to exhibit a diverse mindset. Numerous campaigns have been staged in recent decades such as animal activists’ movements and the “Black Lives Matter” protests which is an ongoing action. Such demonstrations should serve as a wake-up call to numerous sectors within the economy, with the insurance industry not left behind.

I intend to use the platform provided by the insurance industry to address some of the challenges faced by members of these minority groups. Studies show that health insurance among minority groups in the United States is limited owing to structural hindrances such as high unemployment rates, disadvantaged socioeconomic statuses, and low income levels which minimize their access to better healthcare and lifestyles (Ou & Foote, 2016). It is commendable that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) increased insurance coverage among the minority, however, a significant percentage of the population with income levels below the poverty line remains uninsured as this scheme does not cater to them (Gunja & Collins, 2019).

I believe a national campaign to set up a special insurance policy for the minority group would help in alleviating the struggles faced by most members such as the war veterans, people of color, and those identified as LGBTQ. Utilizing my position as a professional in the insurance field, I believe that instigating advocacy meant to address the issue by explaining the current state and disadvantages endured by most members of the group my create awareness of the deficiency in the field. Besides, based on my diversity in social networking with numerous followers gained over the years in various personal social media handles, I may use the power of these online sites to further push my agenda and get a larger audience from the same perspective.


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