Creative Writing Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-14
Creative Writing Essay Samples
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Essay writing education

While many individuals get into academia out of enthusiasm for learning or as a start into their profession,some particular skills are required in all disciplines. Regardless of whether you're a bio-scientist or a history expert, you should have the ability to produce well-written articles and reports to express your knowledge of the course. Many students can master their classes, and also can extensively understand most parts of the curriculum. However, putting all those information into writing is not a simple task. While a few people might be talented at writing, writing for academic work is different. However, there are many tips that can be applied to academic work that can greatly enhance your grade.

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Writing anything for educational purposes will probably include using many sources of information, connected with your opinions and attached to other research while simultaneously rejecting different ideas to demonstrate you are right. This is a broad use of information to include in one paper, and therefore, to have any possibility of an excellent grade, then one needs to know where mainly to divide information. Additionally, remember that once you have divided this information, you will be writing less for each part, and hence it will be less difficult. Always know that you are composing a draft; you can thoroughly cross-check information and change things if there were errors. The most important thing, in any case, is to present the paper in a suitable structure where opinions flow smoothly.

There are a lot of misinformed presumption that was going for something without anyone’s help for instance; the internet will make you a better person. However, you will deliver better work and learn a lot in school and work by utilizing all aides and resources accessible to you. Regarding academic writing, online sources have proven to be of help to most scholars due to their easy accessibility and broad choices available. Most importantly, there are some options that you can use to reinforce your written work, for example, Hemingway App which highlights grammar mistakes, spelling as well as structural errors and long sentences. You can also check the level of readability by using the Readability Score which will help you to understand more on the paper you are reading. Therefore, you should make of proofreading sources and online editing sites to make your essay excellent.

Nothing can enhance your writing skills like practice and more practice. By practicing, the level of writing experience will increase and consequently, you will be in a better position to write a large variety of disciplines with ease. Also, writing for a little time each day will expand your confidence, and you will soon discover that the skills to express your thoughts will fall into place naturally. Reading can also rouse you and give you ideas which you will use to write a whole lot of disciplines. Additionally, reading can make you a feeling of the paper structure, dialect, and tone required for a scholarly paper and hence you will be in a better position to put pen to paper to express your ideas.

Writing jobs

Writing is an easy job but hard if you do not follow the rules. I would advise someone who has just started writing to ensure that they do not focus on getting the money debited to their account but rather, they should ensure there is customer satisfaction before putting their focus on money. Once you are working on an essay, take it as your own essay where you want to captivate the mind of the reader and give them a wow feeling. It is always important to wow the reader before anything else. Once you have put your mind into it, this will automatically prompt you to work on the essay as your own, this ensures the client has the best grades. Customer satisfaction is what you should always chase.

Further, you should avoid plagiarism at all cost. Plagiarism is not only incompetent but it is also illegal, do not copy and paste someone's ideas and put them on your own. Always be original in whatever you write. Originality is the key to a better writer and its the key to client satisfaction. In case you have taken or paraphrased some of your statements from a given site, it is important to ensure that you reference it using the specified style of reference. Do not plagiarise your work. That is a never ever do in writing.

Following instructions is another simple rule but very hard to be implemented by most writers. Instructions are the key to a better grade. Once you follow instruction it is easier to understand what is expected of you by the student or even the lecturer. In addition, ensure that you use easy vocabulary that is well put in the work that is being done. Easy vocabulary makes it simple to follow and understand the concept that s being explained to by the writer. Never forget to proofread your work. Proofreading your work makes you rectify the errors that have occurred either during typing or as a result of wrong calculation, this makes it easier for the client when they are going through their work.

Keeping time is equally important while writing. Ensure that you keep time. It is advisable to finish your work before the stated time. this will give you room for adjustment between the writer and the client. Actually, worked finished earlier gives the writer some confidence. it even makes the writer have ample time in checking on errors and confirming that it is in line with what was required of them.

Ensure that you are able to do the question and understand what is expected of you before you commit yourself to answering the question. this helps to avoid dissatisfied clients. It is wrong to take a question that you do not understand what is expected of you. Always take a question that is within your capabilities and this will help you in any future questions.

Read the legal requirements and terms of the policy of the site in which you obtain your online writing jobs from. This will help you act ethically and meet the standards that are expected of you as a writer by the site in which you are operating from. Be disciplined and take the writng serious, make it your own and be on a mission to obtain the best grades for the students, this will keep the students coming to you because of the high quality work you provide them.

Writer career

Making the decision to become a writer is a great idea. It is one of the fields that is currently paying handsomely and provides the opportunity and convenience of working from home. Thus, these benefits are indications that writing is a field that not only considers the economic interest of an individual but also reduces their movement to and from office each day. However, the field is not all rosy. There are sacrifices one has to make to achieve success in this field. First, it requires a great deal of time. One must commit a lot of their time to writing. In most occasions, they may be required to work 24/7. It is therefore imperative for one to always be awake and active to meet the needs of their clients.

Moreover, an individual must understand that they are not doing this for pleasure. They have a client who need quality work done in time. As a result, one must brace themselves for speed and accuracy in this field. For one to attain quality, they must always be good students. One must always read the topics of their interests. S/he must always look for the latest articles and other material resources required to complete the job. Reading is good for success in this field. An avid reader will have an expanded vocabulary, good sentence structure and will usually exude confidence in all situations that demand command of language.

However, one must always be careful not to confuse mastery of vocabulary with sophistication. Understanding vocabulary simply implies that an individual is aware of various ways of saying a particular word. In most occasions, people do not prefer complex words and jargon. Thus, one must always strive to keep their wordings simple and easy to understand. mastery of vocabulary will therefore enable the writer's essay to stand out among many and score the A++ marks. In this way, a writer will be able to build good rapport with clients and thus get repeat clients and other client requests to handle their orders.

Moreover, one must understand the various writing styles. The most styles of writing include APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard. Clients will usually indicate their preferred style, which a writer must follow. It is one of the basic writing rules. You cannot achieve favorable grade without following the required style. Therefore, before one starts their career in writing, they must become well conversant with various styles such as the ones indicated above.

Attaining success in this career also requires someone who listens to details. For one to deliver an excellent paper, they must understand the instructions. In some cases, these instructions are attacked in PDF files and word documents that must be downloaded first. Taking into account these details will assist one to reduce or better yet eliminate instances of revisions requested by client.

However, these rules are not difficult. There is an adage that passion and sacrifice are the primary recipe for success. After all, no one was born with a silver spoon. It is thus a function of hard work and dedication for one to succeed. Writing is fun. It provides one with an opportunity to learn as many things as possible. Through it, you get to interact with numerous pieces of information that will not leave you the same again. Arise and shine.

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