American Identity

Published: 2017-12-27
American Identity
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Many different religions and reforms characterized mid-19th-century America, women’s rights seems to have been the most effective in constructing a positive American identity. Among these identities, include the identity of the United States as a society that respects the cultural and ideological affiliations of different identity groups, including feminism.

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Initially, the need to obtain sympathy based on one’s identity was that a woman sometimes was taken to absurd extremes leading to an identity crisis among women, for instance, when women saw themselves to be victims because of alleged oppression by men. Women’s rights movements in the 1960s in the United have made feminism to be deeply ingrained in America’s identity politics. During the early1960s at the beginning of the Second Wave of feminism, the women's movement was committed to constructing a more just and inclusive society for all.

Today, women are no longer outsiders to the formal political structures, as they have the right to vote, hold elective positions, and serve on the juries. The women in America have also moved dramatically into all aspects of public life, such as participation in the labor force, pop culture and other professions that were initially reserved for men. Before American constructed this identity, women were subjected to widespread discrimination that saw them viewed as secondary citizens. Historically, including during 1900, the legal standing of women was substantially framed on their marital status. Put differently, women had very few rights and were not considered to have a separate legal identity from that of the husband. They also had no right to own property to vote. The tale of such shifts one of persistent activism, whether unified or dispersed. It also tells of a dramatic shift, as women can today fully participation in American political life and public life. An example includes Hilary Clinton’s participation in 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

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