Free Essay Example: Inspections and Regulatory Searches

Published: 2023-09-13
Free Essay Example: Inspections and Regulatory Searches
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The advancement in technology has opened the way for drug testing in the workplace. The process of engaging in drug testing of employees is debatable, considering that it has its weaknesses and advantages. The benefits of undertaking workplace drug testing exceed the limitations and this means that employers should initiate the program when necessary.

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The process of drug testing raises the level of responsibility among the workers, considering that they can harm themselves and their colleagues if they work under the influence. The process can help in the identification of the employees that need help. People with addiction tend to keep to themselves, and this can have serious adverse effects on their lives for they get destroyed without anyone noticing. They also fail to seek help meaning that the testing process will help to identify the persons that are in dire need of assistance. Therefore, their reputation and livelihood will be protected when an employer followed the right procedures in undertaking the testing process.

Safety and health are highly enhanced at the workplace and the testing process helps to discourage people from taking illegal substances. However, the testing process works as an invasion of people’s privacy, and it fails to take into account the procedures placed on employees at the workplace. The people testing positive are at risk of getting fired rather than being offered help by an entity. However, the benefits of workplace testing exceed the demerits and the procedure should be introduced in all workplaces.

Marijuana is considered an illegal drug in many countries, and this means that when the testing process is done, there is a possibility of an employer deciding to follow the legal procedures in reporting the outcomes. However, during the first instance, an employer should seek to help an employee to find a solution to the drug use problem instead of handing them to the authorities for prosecution. However, if there is a continuous testing process that shows no changes in the use of marijuana by a worker despite the application of the drug management processes, such as visitation to rehabilitation centers, an employer can follow the legal procedures available. An employee that is not willing to change their behavior regarding the use of marijuana can harm the rest of the workforce. Therefore, it is useful to ensure that the right measures are taken before the other employees are influenced by the use of illegal drugs.

Law enforcement should set a good example and they should not be allowed to smoke marijuana even when they are off-duty. Even though the drugs is legal, its side effects are lethal to a human body and the drug should not be taken. There are instances that marijuana is used for medicinal purposes, and this means that if a law enforcement officer is not prescribed to take the drug by a physician, they should avoid using it. Drug testing should start with the personnel that are working towards implementing the laws that are critical to the management of drug use in society. Therefore, law enforcement officers should be the ones that are playing a leading role in sensitizing the public on the adverse effects that arise from the utilization of illegal drugs.

In conclusion, drug testing at the workplace should be done all the time. The procedure will help in knowing the employees that are suffering from drug misuse and a firm will offer the right form of assistance. However, the employees’ privacy should be observed when undertaking the procedure. When testing marijuana, an employer should offer any employee that is found to misuse the drug and if the problem persists, the workers can be handed over to the authorities for further assistance. The law enforcement officers should not use marijuana unless it is prescribed by a physician for medicinal purposes.

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