Free Essay Sample about the Black Lives Matter Movement

Published: 2022-02-15
Free Essay Sample about the Black Lives Matter Movement
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Black Lives Matter is a controversial topic that has sparked various reactions from various sources. The critical source of contention among the people in the argument on whether is it only the black lives matter or do all lives matter? It is an issue that has had people support the measures, and others dispute the need for a singled out campaign that is intended only for the black lives (Carney, 2016). It would be however prudent for one to look into what the campaign is about and what sparks such divided sentiments about the campaign. The black lives matter is a movement that originates from the blacks community, and it is meant to create awareness of violence and systemic racism towards the black people. When discussing the black lives matter, the sources agree that there is the issue of racism and particularly racism against the African Americans, but disagree on the measures that the movement that has taken to reduce the instance that it is experienced.

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The first sources agree on the fact that the movement was formed as a measure that was meant to react to the injustices that were taking place to the black people in American society. The common thing about the crimes that are being perpetrated by the whites as discussed in the selected articles, they all look at the fact that the movement was borne out of necessity (Actonorg, 2018). The need was one that was instigated by the fact that the authorities were targeting the people of the African origin. The movement was one that was inspired by the fact that the young people had become targets for cops' attacks (Actonorg, 2018). Anthony Bradley together with Carney is quick to point out the fact the history of the African American community has been that has been involved in an unending tussle to have their rights recognized as they have been violated by other races (Carney, 2016). The labeling that the blacks have had to endure have resulted in the other majority races perceiving the others as being criminals or prone to being involved in criminal activities (Actonorg, 2018). The source, however, argues that despite the fact that even some of them would have a connection to being involved in the criminal activities, it would be only fair that they are treated the same as the other suspects. Being a black person does not automatically mean that one is already a convicted criminal without even being convicted (Carney, 2016). Anthony argues that the African Americans have a right to be treated with the respect and dignity that the other races are accorded in such situations (Actonorg, 2018). The article further retrospect on the extra effort that the African American community had had to deal with from the time when they were subjected slavery and to when they had to have a civil rights movements. Similarly, Carney looks at the history of the unfair treatment that the African Americans have had to deal in the United States of America (Carney, 2016). He looks at the ways that the black people have had to fight for their positions as just as Anthony predicts, the other races have always felt that they can be successful even without the inclusion of the Africans. The source looks at how they have had to deal with the police brutality by employing the efficiency of social media as it creates awareness among the people that would have to deal with the problems. The fact that social media has attracted the attention internationally is evident enough that most of the people are fed up with the continued attacks. Comprehensively, the author can elucidate how it has been possible for the blacks to have their grievances heard by the successful use of social media. The fact that the source uses real data as in the case makes it seem real as one can ascertain that two young men, Walter Scott and Eric Garner were shot by the police when they were unarmed (Carney, 2016). The two articles that advocate for the need for the government to respect the rights of the black people, however, differ in the sense that one looks at the history of the injustices while the other looks at the influence that the social media has had on creating awareness for the systemic racism for the blacks.

The next two articles give a different perspective on the whole idea. One source by Vargas, for instance, looks at the fact that such a movement that is likely to single out one race in a manner that the others now becomes victims of the same issues (Vargas, 2015). The author hence advances the fact that since the rates at which the black people in the United Kingdom, died at the same rate then that would warrant that the movement being useless (Vargas, 2015). This source is different from the others as it implies that it is only the lives of the black people that matter, instead all lives matter and efficient assimilation of political and theoretical options would go a long way in helping the movement to be successful (Vargas, 2015). This move was as opposed to the stratification and the changes that are meant to challenge the anti-black situation in the social world. The work despite being an against the whole idea of having a movement that advocates for the rights of the African Americans were one that will expose the various ways that the unbridled shootouts by the police can be solved once and for all. The last article by Yancy and Butler is one that is inclined more to the philosophical side as opposed to a logical analysis of the incidents (Yancy &Butler, 2015). The article manner of handling the essential question is one that is bound to spark the reactions from the people as it is intended to look at what the society perceives as being human. Also, it looks at the fact there are some of the lives that are not regarded as being human enough and hence would account for the lack of reaction from the authorities (Yancy &Butler, 2015). The article is one that is similar to the sources that advocate for the need to have the lives of the black people be protected but does not elaborate on the reason why it is crucial to preserve the lives. The source is one that is different from the articles by Anthony and Carney as it also is one that despite highlighting the fact there are deaths that are related with systemic racism, it insists that every race is at risk of being victims of shootouts.


It is however interesting to note that all the articles agree on the existence of police brutality and the fact that the people are killed while unarmed. When discussing the black lives matter, the sources agree that there is the issue of racism and particularly racism against the African Americans, but disagree on the measures that the movement that has taken to reduce the instance that it is experienced. If police brutality is not handled soon, then the movement might even translate to a political movement that would prove to be problematic to the authorities.


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