Essay Sample on Difference Between A DNP and A Ph.D. in Nursing

Published: 2023-04-10
Essay Sample on Difference Between A DNP and A Ph.D. in Nursing
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Both DNP, and PhD are viewed as important degrees as they both show that the nurse is an expert in that field. Thus, choosing the degree path to peruse by a nurse is dependent on their career goals, and objectives. However, there are significant differences between the two as PhD is often considered as research-based while DNP is majorly based on clinical practice. Nurses pursuing Masters of Science in Nursing who wish to exp, and their knowledge, and get a terminal degree to improve their practice would, therefore, benefit from choosing DNP (Edwards, Rayman, Diffenderfer & Stidham, 2016). Alternatively, those who wish to get into leadership, research, and education would significantly benefit from the PhD path. PhD nurses use evidence-based studies to create procedures, and policies which align with the st, andards of care. The degree generally focuses on improving patient care outcomes that are research-based.

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With differing roles of nurses in PhD, and DNP comes with differing educational curriculum. DNP Nurses ought to finish a project that entails identifying a healthcare issue, and providing evidence-based solutions (Loomis, Willard & Cohen, 2007). Even though this seems aligned to the PhD program, the venture is correlated to their particular clinical area. On the other h, and, the PhD program nursing is research-based, where the nurse must complete an original dissertation, and research project but does not include patient care clinical hours.

With a profound look into the two-degree programs, I have chosen to enroll in the DNP program prepares the nurse to accomplish various goals in clinical practice depending on their objectives. It also allows students to evaluate clinical outcomes, and integrate applied scholarship, which enhances the reliability of healthcare outcomes. DNP also exp, and their knowledge, and get a terminal degree to improve their practice as staying current is crucial for nurses particularly when you have been out of school. Aside from transforming your passion into expertise, DNP also has a great impact in the nursing policy which in the long run improves the nursing sector.


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