Paper Example. Inequality Between Men and Women In The College

Published: 2023-09-12
Paper Example. Inequality Between Men and Women In The College
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It is indisputable that gender inequality continues to remain a key topic in the contemporary world. Issues emanating from gender imbalance hurt society in one way or another. Thus, their consideration is vital. While various studies and research works have been conducted around the topic, this paper aims to demystify gender-related issues in American colleges. In the colleges, the trend seems to take a different course, away from the cliché that men are the sole beneficiaries of the gender imbalance. As it stands, men are on the receiving end of gender imbalance issues in American colleges, resulting in differences in enrolment, outcomes, and achievements in favor of the female gender. Is the previously male dominance claim being overturned as time elapses? Yes. The notion that men are more favored than women in American society might change the other way soon.

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Arguably, women excel in matters of academics more than their male counterparts because they fall short of resilience. Women are claimed to persist more in academics as a way of getting themselves out of poverty while men are deemed less resilient. It could be accurate, but one seems more substantive because males lagging behind their female counterparts could be due to their reluctance to delve into professions traditionally meant for women. On the contrary, over time, women have indicated significant intent to compete with men in what used to be professionals reserved for men. For instance, In 1960, women in male-dominated professions were 8 percent, and by 2010, that number has sky rocked to 20 percent (Guo, par 4). Potentially, it could be more of an issue of differences in intents and interests that could have caused the disparity.

Other issues linked to the gender imbalance in colleges include societal expectations for the boy child, systemic conditions that disadvantage boys regarding behavior and men's perception of automatic success imbued with less strain for them to be deemed true American males. The issues mentioned above are, however, outweighed by considerable changes that resulted from the women's movement. The blossoming feminism in America, brought about by women's movement congregated women and gave them a platform to share their plights, especially on matters of self-sufficiency (Parker, 9). Thereof, marriage postponements were noted and, subsequently, more enrollments in the education sector.

Overturning this trend would require a myriad of interventions. One crucial response could need colleges to restructure their systems to accommodate some behaviors that are currently regarded as delinquency as per the current policies. In essence, the education system should aim to be more student-focused rather than systemic-oriented. Educators should also endeavor to inform students that careers are based on passion and innate abilities and not necessarily on traditional attributions.

In conclusion, gender inequality is slowly shifting from the male to the female gender. Colleges in America illuminate the shift in a gender imbalance. Previous studies attributed the issue of gender inequality to various things such as societal expectations, systemic high school conditions, and resilience on the part of the female gender stemming from the will-power to eliminate poverty, a tenet arguably lacking among the male gender. More significant causes of gender imbalance in America could be attributed to women activism and the tendency of men to pursue professions that were regarded as their female counterparts. Indeed, American society should prepare to resolve the issue before it slips out of control.

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