Essay Sample on Impacts of the First World War

Published: 2024-01-14
Essay Sample on Impacts of the First World War
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The First World War caused millions of deaths which includes military and civilian. The generation of men was eliminated while fighting for the nation. A single man between 18 to 30 years in France could have 15 women. Professionals were like artist, teachers, and writers were lost during the war period. Nonetheless, the First World War brings a lot of establishments such as new developments of medicine, warfare politics and attitudes. The nature of the war far fair changed because of new technology. Transport means such as aeroplanes, submarines, and tanks developed a new achievement to the nations. New techniques that were developed during the period, such as armaments brought changes to other industries in the post-war years (Petersson,2002). Modern surgery was introduced in the First World War Civil and military hospitals were used as theatres. Many veterans survived but left with injuries. Blood banks were established after discovering In 1914 that that blood clotting could be prevented. During the period, doctors discovered that shell shock and traumatic shock are common symptoms for emotion resulting from War pressure.

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Besides, the war affected the higher class structure in Europe, which makes it hard for them to resume to the pre-war status quo. Other different armies were forced to engage officers from humble backgrounds who were not interested in pursuing the culture of deference and made them the upper class. The decreased number of men forces women to take part in jobs that were preserved for men. Hence the demand for women liberation was boosted. World War 1 also reshaped politics as a result of conflicts that happened between countries (Gilpin, 1981). It changes the political form of Europe, which late creates a debate on who to rule where. It also ended the Ottoman Turkish Empire and developed a Russian revolution which led to the new system of politics.

How the world changed

The local conflict reflects the global trend in terms of persistence ignition unfolding. It reflects the intensity of competition with the ambitions of the regional actors. Conflicts define matters that are faced by an international system and those that are indifferent. War changed the roles of how power should be stated. China showed patience in gathering influence but failed to perform it. Their battle was based on particular priorities which include local supervision. Russia, on the other hand, showed impatience of nation success for power. Moscow, however, seeks to take advantage of the crisis, but it is currently the strategic need. Above all these powers, preventing a crisis have brought about particular value. A crisis is measured based on interest, promotion or lowering standards of the rivals. Europe is one of the nations that has tried to breach the matters got affected by local turbulence, discord among the leaders and preoccupation by a terrorist, including migration that twists their policy.

Economic impact

Africa's economic growth was affected as a result of the war. They experience low supply of goods with prices shooting higher. The products that were needed to boost the war efforts rise due to high demand in the war. Increased demand for troops and carriers and other subsistence crops lacked enough labour in most parts of the nations during the war. Thus import shortages led to a fall in production of agricultural products.

Cultural global events

Several deaths have been recorded in Afghanistan as a result of the fight. There has been bloodshed all over for the past two years. The war between Taliban and Islamic militants had become a significant threat in cities and towns of the country (Divekar et al. nd ). Some other countries such as Washington have engaged in such conflicts with special forces raids. This shows that the impacts of war are still affecting most of the nation, and it is a matter that will experience even in today's current life.


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