Impact of Lifestyle on Aging - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-26
Impact of Lifestyle on Aging - Free Essay Sample
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Ageing in society comes with many factors such as disabilities, frailty, and the frequency of diseases. Also, ageing can be slowed or accelerated, depending on the lifestyle a person is living. Lifestyle is a crucial question of ageing and a topic of interest among older African Americans. Moreover, dominant in society are degenerative conditions of ageing and disease susceptibility. Furthermore, social security is an aspect of ageing that influence older African Americans. In this paper, the focus is to sketch an annotated bibliography and explore elements of lifestyle on ageing among older African Americans as well as an element of social security.

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Myint and Welch raise concern over lifestyle among Older African Americans in the context of ageing. The lifestyle habits include dietary addictions and patterns, the mind's makeup, family and livelihood life, environment, and medication. These factors are vital towards causing premature ageing in the context of old African Americans. Moreover, in the context of old African Americans, lifestyle factors are essential to accelerated ageing. For healthy ageing in old African Americans, healthy ageing can be achievable by modifying some lifestyles such as exercising physically and consuming a balanced diet and avoiding drinking or smoking. Thus, these diseases that come together with premature ageing are all caused by lifestyle habits. The majority of the old African Americans experience premature ageing, which involves complex interactions between the environment, cultural factors, and biological factors.


Gard and Dionigi argue that in the history of any society, there exists a perception of improvement in health, especially when participating in sports. In the twenty-first century, the risk of obesity is rising, and the perception is that this is a lifestyle disease, especially among the ageing population. There is a need to reform the mode of exercise that can be sustainable even at old age. Hence, young people should be made familiar with moderate lifestyle activities like walking and gym-going. The expectation is that this will improve health and protect them from gaining weight and getting ill as they age. Enthusiasm to participate in sports should be set as a policy to assist the older people in improving the quality of their health and maintaining their physical health as they continue to age. The aforementioned applies in the group of old African Americans and should be applied. It is becoming understood among the society that participating in sports should be a normal process in the process of ageing.

Social Security

Folbre weighs on the concept of social security in the ageing. In the context of Old African Americans, most individuals with the mandate of looking after the older adults are the women. Due to the lifestyle lived by this group of studies, as aforementioned, the resultant is the development of diseases and complications and, consequently, reduced life span. Therefore, the social security aspect of this group of people usually lies in the hands of people surrounding them, and mostly, they are the women. The financial burden usually presses the younger ones. Therefore, in the old African Americans group, arguments emerge over privately saving for retirement and insurance systems existing in the public networks. Majority of people at old age cannot take care of themselves are usually disregarded, and the individuals who cannot cater for themselves.

In most old African American society, women are dominant, and social security issues arising mostly press women who are taking care of the African American context. Thus, this necessitates the need to incorporate gender in all these arising discussions. Besides the public ignoring the aspect of the old African Americans' social security, feminist economists are usually at the forefront of researching caring and volunteer work. Volunteer work is unpaid for, and the state thus has the role of supporting the older people and the volunteer caregivers. Therefore, the government should make structured income provision for the ancient African Americans to cater to their social security needs. There should be social security programs to take care of the old and passing information at early stages to prevent lifestyle complications that seem to press down most people when they reach the critical ages. Hence, promoting and supporting healthy living should be vital towards addressing the issue of lifestyle in ageing and social security aspects among the old African Americans.


Lifestyle such as low diet leads to complications with ageing, for instance, balance issues, cognitive problems and more. However, ageing is determined primarily by varying factors like social, biological, and environment. Most elements are out of control from an individual. When individuals at old age develop diseases, their social security decreases. Thus, they require a public mechanism to cater for them. Apart from the lifestyle that may contribute to ageing, other factors include psychosocial characteristics such as stress. For example, some elements, not observing the right diet and consumption of junk foods, may lead to chronic diseases in old age. Thus, this paper concludes that eating healthy diets rich in minerals and vitamins and consuming fewer amounts of sugars and fats may help increase life expectancy and lead to healthy ageing and consequently reduce chronic illnesses.


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