Free Essay on Impact and Importance of Technology

Published: 2017-11-30
Free Essay on Impact and Importance of Technology
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I. Pros to Technology Advances
A. Great Discoveries- More efficient ways of doing everyday tasks. Hands on classroom learning. Faster ways to grow and sell crops. We create plenty of new time saving medical devices.
B. Cost Efficiency - Produce more output and save businesses more money. Contributes to a more positive economy.
C. Acceleration- dramatically speeding up production info, ideas, and goods for people. Air travel takes shorter amounts of time. Social media is instantly available all around the world. Generally accelerates our culture.
D. Interconnection- Humans look at space as a distance separating two points not an absolute value. It’s a social phenomenon related to how quickly humans can travel between two points.
E. Interdependence- relationships are dependent on needed items. Interconnection leads to interdependence when it comes to shortening distances between point A and point B. Relying on technology to do the things we don’t want to do.
F. Convenient for all ages- There are gadgets that are made for 2 year olds and 89 year olds. Portable cell phones, and wireless Internet on planes are all for convenience.
II. Cons of Technology Advances
A. Dependence of technology
1. The more advanced we become the more we depend on technology for everyday existence.
B. Human Value Diminishes in workplace- Less value to human workers, when machines can do the work of ten people. Less human employees manufacture goods.
B. Population Fear- Humans fear that the population will become too lazy over time.
C. Privacy- Technology isn’t hacker proof and important information could be stolen. There have been plenty of identity theft cases recently with banking companies. There are also child predators, and viruses that can affect anyone whoever uses technology.
D. Human Behavior- The way our cultural embraces mobile devices socially created a massive behavior shift especially for the younger generations. Two people could be in the same house and never speak out loud only through text which isn’t healthy.
III. Impact
A. Globalization- gradual reduction of the time and space constraints that separate one social process in a specific location from another.
B. Motivation- learning about new technology is a motivation to students and adults who work with it because being experienced with technology is needed in this new culture. And makes getting work done easier.
C. World Wide improvements-The world cup used a new Brazuca ball that had six built in cameras, and high tech stabilization functions. It wouldn’t be possible without people all over the world collaborating their ideas.
D. Employment-Needing more technicians who are fully educated is a trend that is growing more and more every year. All bug companies use technology programs that need certified people, which creates more job opportunities in the technology field.
IV. Importance
A. Culture- Technology being available to different cultures eliminates the geographical, and language barriers created overtime. Creates a globalized economy. Cell phone services are easy and cheap to get and stay connected all over the world.
B. Worldwide Consumers- More people are using mobile devices and websites to find and buy products, rather than going shopping in stores. It also increases business advertisement opportunities.
C. Classrooms- using technology in class prepares students for the demanding tech. demanding jobs. Gives easy access to tracking grades and courses online. Gives students a head start because the same technology is used outside the classroom.
D. Businesses-Can be managed easier and its less expensive to start training for new employees because it can be done online. Manual labor gets cut down in most job aspects. Increases production in less time, with fewer mistakes.

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