I Am From - Personal Essay Example

Published: 2022-05-13
I Am From - Personal Essay Example
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I am from a humble family that lives in a small house. I come from a house where there is peace and harmony as we live together with squirrels. I am from a family that respects traditions. We never fail to celebrate my birthday regardless of the day. We always celebrate it as a whole family for no one misses the party. I come from a family made up of different individuals including my husband, my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my nephew, my niece, and my in laws. I always keep in touch with my family members. I am from a place where my children do not have the same toys that I had when I was young. I am from a family where we used to have meals together at my grandparents' house and played with my cousins. I come from a family whole grandfather is a wise man with a vision. His words are still in my mind for he said that no man is an island to live alone. When people live together they help each other thus assist each other in understanding their strengths and weaknesses (Mallinson, Schepens, Carlson, Leland, Vigen, Blanchard, and Clark, 2014). My grandfather always showed concern to all the members of the family for he always helped anyone if he could. He always fulfilled his promises to us and corrected us whenever we went wrong. My best experiences are when I used to sit on my mother and share everything with her for she is my closest friend.

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There have always been gender inequalities but I believe that women are the agents for change. I have leant that women are the pillars in the society. It is because they have the ability to change men`s minds. It is a privilege for one to be a woman. Women`s day provides an opportunity for women to prove that they are agents for change in the society. I have grown up around women who have made a positive impression in my life. It is because they have been my role models. They have excelled in various fields including their careers and taking care of their families. There is more to being a woman than the normal social construct that people have. In my opinion, all genders are equal for women. It is because box sexes possess equal abilities. Gender inequality has led to marginalization in many parts of the world (Alharayeri, 2014). I encountered marginalization when I was in high school. It was a time when the teacher decided that girls and boys should work separately during a class project. The teacher wanted to find out which gender would get the higher score than the other. She placed her bet on the boys making the girls to be disappointed at her for making such a move. The girls made sure that they performed better than boys during the project to prove the teacher wrong. I think that those who engage in marginalization are not aware if they are doing so. The victims of the encounter are the ones who realize they are being subjected to marginalization. In my opinion, it is wise to have equal expectations regarding both genders to eliminate gender inequality in our society.


My family is the refuge for I feel safe whenever I am with my family members. They always guide me and correct me when I am wrong. They are always there to help me in difficult moments. My family is made up of caring people who would sacrifice themselves to help me. I have grown up believing in the power of the family.

My characteristics

I am a person who believes in hard work. My parents have made believe in hard work for they started from nothing after leaving our nation. I always struggle for everything I want in life. I believe that honesty is the best policy for it is a virtue that everyone admires. Lessons learnt from experiences make us who we are in life thus I find them crucial in shaping people`s lives. I am always contented with what I have and do not like what other individuals have. It is because I believe that everyone has the ability to work for anything they want. People`s success and failure are due to their own input thus each person has the responsibility of fighting for what he/she wants in in life (Domac, Anderson, O'Reilly, and Smith, 2015). In addition, I am always happy when I make a positive impact on other people`s lives especially my students and get a chance of recognizing other people`s capabilities.

What I can and cannot do

I can be honest but not lie. I can be fair to other people but not be unfair. I can read but I cannot read in front of other people. I can be orderly but not messy. I can be tolerant with different situations that directly affect me but I cannot be inflexible to things that involve other people. I can follow a specific routine but not break one because I would not accomplish my set targets within the set routine.

Part 2


The artifacts which helped me identify myself are the questions in the interview. The questions involved my characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, family background, and my origin. The set of questions were randomly chosen and played a crucial role in developing my portfolio. All the parts of my portfolio are significant in my life. They have helped in establishing the right standard in which I fit in thus helping me develop my career. My artifacts are based on what I believe and the various elements which sound important in shaping my behavior.


My teaching has been influenced by different factors including the students in the classroom, their ability to comprehend what I teach them and their behavior. It is because children are also affected by the environments they are subjected in their daily basis. My practice in the teaching profession is based on the needs of the children for every individual has a role to play in the society. I focus my attention to individual`s needs in learning. This helps balance the student`s abilities and understanding levels. I have been fully committed to ensuring that every student comprehends whatever I teach in class. I love it when students participate in the class as it helps in the assessment. My teaching experience has grown in various ways. I believe that every child is different from each other thus should be treated differently to ensure that learning runs smoothly. I have learnt how to accommodate students from various backgrounds. Children come from various religious, social and economic backgrounds. Recognizing students' differences is vital to the teaching practice (Waniganayake, Cheeseman, Fenech, Hadley, and Shepherd, 2018). I know that teaching has increased learning because students now perform well in their studies. I plan to incorporate a number of strategies in the classroom. For instance, I will incorporate a student-centered approach in teaching my students. Providing students the opportunity to showcase their talents will help boost their self-esteem thus improve their performance in both the academics and the extra-curricular activities. My skills and knowledge will be useful in providing early childhood education to students who require early guidance in their academics.


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