Free Essay - Latest Developments in Smart Phone Networks (5G and 4G)

Published: 2023-03-26
Free Essay - Latest Developments in Smart Phone Networks (5G and 4G)
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For every newly invented technology, improvements never stop to make it even better. Developers commit themselves to improve the techniques to make life even easier for the users of the technology. These improvements have resulted in various developments in smartphone networks over a long period. The developments have moved from 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and now a fifth-generation 5G has been developed and will be available to the users in the year (Lauridsen et al. 159). The main aim of the development of a 5G network is to improve the speed and capacity of the network compared to 4G. Increasing the speed and capacity will ensure better performances of the devices, making them suitable for the users more so with the high technological developments experienced in the world today. This development will also make other technologies such as autonomous driving, which relies mainly on network work much better (Sarraf 76). Data will be processed much faster, making the autonomous driving much safer and convenient compared to how they are while using the 4G network. The 4G network has created a stepping stone for the development of 5G. It is a relatively fast network that has several advantages compared to the 4G network and will revolutionize the mobile industry.

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Just like the other generations, the fifth generation will result in good revenues for the telecommunication companies, thereby improving the economy. Smartphone users will, at some point, update their phones to 5G or purchase 5G compatible phones, which will benefit the telecom companies (Sarraf 78). The development in technology will, therefore, sustain the industry for the next decade as the inventors commit to developing much better technologies to the users. There is always a chance for improvement, which inventors take advantage of to be relevant in the market. The little improvements always result in a whole new technology, as seen in the growth from the first to the fifth generation of cell phone networks. The networks have several similarities, but due to the little improvements and changes in human needs, the generations have been growing, resulting in good revenues for the investors. The developments make the company relevant and continue to make profits in the market. Just like the other generations, the success of the fifth generation will be achieved slowly step by step as customers transition to the new technology (Sarraf 76).

The ability of 5G technology to process large quantities of data at high speed makes it favorable to be used in the development of smart cities and autonomous driving (Sarraf 77). These have been some of the new events which require fast processing of data to ensure the technologies functions efficiently. Unlike the other generations, the fifth generation has shown the great possibility of making the dream of smart cities and autonomous driving come true. 5G network will not only enhance the efficiency of autonomous driving but also increase its safety significantly (Lauridsen et al. 158). The cars will be able to interpret real information in real-time, making it much safe for the users. Quality of life among citizens will also be enhanced by the use of a 5G network to operate smart cities. Smart technology will improve the provision of services such as communication, waste disposal, and transportation in the cities (Sarraf 78). Therefore, 5G technology will jump-start the development of smart cities in most of the developed countries. The smart cities will boost economic developments in the cities as it will attract many workers and businesses.

While much has been said about the 5G network, its existence is from the foundation of 4G. 4G was the fastest network before 5G. A standard 4G network was able to provide speeds for making downloads to a speed of around 14 megabits per second, which was almost five times that of the 3G network (Jo et al. 56). The fact remains that the 4G network reaches speeds of 150 megabits per second, giving the allowance in downloads of gigabytes in a concise period. Its speed allows quick data uploads at speeds of 8 megabits per second. Theoretically, its speed can reach 50 megabits per second. On the other hand, 4G, which was the most costly now, makes a cheaper choice than the 5G network. 5G network is much more expensive and is relevant to those with a stable income that allows for such use and maintenance (Jo et al. 57). Moreover, 4G was fully explored, and thus all advantages, disadvantages, future improvements were made known. 5G, on the other hand, is still undergoing research and development, and there is a chance of overcrowding the frequency range since the spectrum underuse is wireless as numerous devices are connected to one channel.

Therefore much of what will be accomplished by 5G, 4G enabled a foundation. For example, voice calls were made clearer and stable, helping those in business and communication switch to internet-based telephone systems easily. 4G was also used in the automotive industry, where hotspots from 4G were made possible. This importance of the network has had a powerful impact in many other industries because communication in-between has not been restricted.

Ever since, the major type of communication which existed was the human to humankind of communication, but now there is a new form of communication. The fifth-generation will, for the first time, introduce the machine to machine type of communication. In addition, there will also be a machine to human type of communication (Jo et al. 57). The development will, therefore, cause great positive impacts on communication, making it more efficient. Human-centric communication, which existed in the previous generations, hindered the developments of certain technologies, which would have made life more convenient for citizens. With the new development, autonomous communicating devices will be invented as the 5G technology will support their functionality. The 5G technology will support the requirements for diverse functional and KPI/performance, which the coexistence of machine and human-centric types of applications will impose (Jo et al. 59).

In conclusion, the developments brought about by the 5G technology will make life more exciting and fun. It will support the functioning of new inventions like smart city, autonomous driving, and immersive online gaming, among other technologies, thereby improving the quality of life. These inventions could not function efficiently under the different generations of networks making the new generation a significant invention. The significant difference between the fifth generation and the other generations is the capacity of data it can handle and the speed it can function at making it more efficient and reliable. The 5G technology can handle a large quantity of information efficiently and process it at high speed, unlike the previous generations. Despite the improvements made in the fifth generation, it shares a lot of similarities with the earlier generations, especially 4G. The significant similarity they share is on the profitability of the networks. All the generations have recorded a step by step success, making the business succeed (Sarraf 81).

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