Free Essay Example - Developing an Investigative Plan

Published: 2023-07-13
Free Essay Example - Developing an Investigative Plan
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Most murder cases are investigated as soon as an offense has occurred with little investigative effort. In this case, a little boy is kidnapped by a stranger who approaches the school compound, pretending to be a visitor. After the boy goes missing, he is found dead in a nearby field. The case is a terrible encounter whereby the affected people are most likely to be overcome by horrors, fear, and anxiety. The victim is described to have experienced criminal ruthlessness. Such criminal activities are increasing in most regions, especially in Mexico.

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The majority have associated child murder with civil conflicts as a way of revenge and cause family distress. The person who asks the two little brothers for directions seems to have an evil intention. The younger boy agreed to lead directions and got into the stranger's car and was later reported missing. An investigation procedure is developed to identify the cause of death and establish how the offense happened (1). It is essential to conduct the death investigative plan to create awareness of criminal activities to the public and the future generation.

Steps that require immediate attention during the investigation exercise are: Approaching the crime scene - where the body is found. Any crime investigation, especially the murder case, begins before the public gets access to the area. Approaching the scene facilitates the incident's full nature of radio dispatch message. Protecting and securing the scene is the second step to undertake. Even before getting into the scene, the area would be kept out of bound to secure evidence destruction (1). The scene is secured from authorized access with a yellow thread indicating zero trespasses with the hope that the first people to spectate did not cause essential physical evidence distraction.

The third step would involve initiating the preliminary survey. A survey would be conducted before getting into the scene to identify whether palpable evidence is apparent. It would be done by walking around the exterior surrounding the crime scene. The step is crucial to un-attended killing as a probable homicide until it is attended. Lastly, the possibilities of any physical evidence would be examined. The incidence would be triggered by evaluating the time of the murder and any potential evidence (2). For example, it would be necessary to establish whether the killing happened within the vehicle, and the victim dumped, or the murder occurred in the place where the boy was dumped.

Methods for collecting evidence in a crime scene varies depending on the kind of substrate and evidence upon which it is discovered. Investigative procedures recommend gathering evidence in its actual state (1). In case the proof is likely to be lost, or if it is fragile, it is better to obtain the full object and packaged if circumstances and size allow. In the case, evidence to be collected include boy fluids such as blood, footwears, fibers, fingerprints, hairs, and objects such as bullets, if any.

To collect blood samples, wet absorption would be used. To ensure a thorough collection of the sample, the absorption material tip would be moistened and dried in air. In case the fluid is found dry, the technique of lifting with tape would be applied. The tape would be placed on a non-absorbent piece and transferred to an adhesive part of it. Fibers and hairs would be obtained via the visual collection method since they can be viewed with naked eyes. Utilizing clean trace paper and forceps hair and fiber samples would be obtained from the surface and put in a clean paper that can be folded, such as an envelope.

Footwear and fingerprints would be collected via photographs. The primary evidence regarding murder case investigation would be fingerprints and hair samples obtained from the surface of the body. The murderer must have left fingerprints or hairpieces on the clothes of the victim as she strangled the boy to death. Since fingerprints are unique for everybody, they might be the main source of evidence.

The case would apply three main investigative methods to investigate the killing, and they include laboratory analysis of samples collected at the scene, electronic and physical surveillance, and the development of informants (2). Hair, fiber, footwear, and fingerprints obtained in the crime scene would be scientifically analyzed to identify people linked to the samples. The development of informants would involve engaging the victim's parents, brother, school staff, and the neighborhood. They would be asked some questions regarding the murder case and would be expected to provide some background information concerning the victim and his family.

Also, each party would be asked to give any relative case witnessed recently. The older brother would be of great assistance in providing useful information regarding the identity of the woman who drove away from the little brother. Furthermore, the parents would be asked to mention people they hold a serious grudge with. The neighborhood would also be interviewed to provide any relevant information concerning the crime. Physical surveillance would involve checking in places such as clubs, hotels, shops, and other social premises to identify any potential aspect of the crime.


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