Essay Sample on Human Population Growth Scenario

Published: 2019-11-18
Essay Sample on Human Population Growth Scenario
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Often associated with benefits of a developed world like technological advancement, low death rates and proper health care, overpopulation is a non-preferable condition that involves the excess growth in the human numbers on the earth implicating depletion of non-replicating and limited resources. The earth has a carrying capacity that can be near comfortably supported by the available resources such as food and water based on the natural balance between death and new births that maintain the equilibrium of the earths population. However, in recent times there has been a surge in global population estimated in billions of individuals. This is a major concern that comes with the dilemma of dealing with the population or the resources. Apart from being a problem itself, the restrain on the available resources by the populations is a major gateway to several problems faced in the earth today. Demographical estimations and statistics have not helped the course since they project a further increase in this population in the coming years. It remains a matter of concern as to the appropriate methods to help solve the issue of overpopulation.

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Being more of a menace than benefit, overpopulation is associated with various problems and challenges to the current world systems. A major issue in this regard is the depletion of space in terms of settlement areas and viable agricultural lands that has seen over cultivation of available land to support the ever growing human population. Research estimates the use of agricultural land to be on the increase with a near 2 percent annually. This means there is a possibility of total (100 per cent) land usage for agricultural practices just under the next hundred years. With an ever exponentially growing population, this can happen even sooner than this projected period. It is however important to consider factors such as the use of advanced technology in agriculture and other alternate methods of food production such as the single cell production of proteins sources.

Overpopulation has also increased the number of human activities, implication a great effect to the environment. Depletion of resources such as water reservoirs and vegetative growths has a great negative impact on the environment. Global warming and climate change is a thorn in the flesh for the majority of individuals who are concerned about the global climate. Often a matter of great debate global warming and climate change are direct consequences of the negativity that accompanies overpopulation. Other causes of great concern include increasing rates of unemployment, crime and low living standards in mostly developing economies.

Despite the situation at hand concerning overpopulation much can still be done to save the day. Majorly amongst these are the best methods to control population growth. The use of family birth control methods remains a key solution here despite the debate around the issue. Also the use of alternative methods of food production could also be a key to relieve the strain on the environment as well as support the needs of the already overpopulated world. Awareness creation on the importance of environmental conservation could help save the climate and the global warming impacts as well. When carefully undertaken these measures can help redeem the issues that arise from overpopulation. Otherwise, the populations could soon be the cause of their undoing.

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