Sources of Media Power, Essay Example for Everyone

Published: 2022-07-12
Sources of Media Power, Essay Example for Everyone
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Power entails the capacity to influence and direct the behavior of individuals along with the movement of events. It alludes to the ownership of impact on other individuals whereby the effect may deliver either a positive or negative effect about a given course of events. In a majority of organizational power, the expert source of power is among the most successful source of power since it may accumulate (knowledge, resources, skills, and strategic advantages) in maintaining the overall goal in an organization. However, in cases of physical (coercive power), the control of the businesses rely on the ability to overlook the global operations of a company. The paper will discuss four US media personalities and their exertion of the sources of power.

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Sources of Power

In consideration of different sources associated with US media personalities, it is essential to understand that different individual overlook media force differently.

Relationship-Based Power

The relationship-based power relies on the occurrence whereby an individual develops a strong relationship with individuals both externally and internally. Once there is the creation of a positive relationship, power is created. "Trevor Noah" is amongst the US media personalities depicting on this style of power. Trevor Noah has managed to capture a significant audience by creating a positive relationship with them. With this power, he makes jokes by referring to and commenting on different events especially by making fun of the political atmosphere in the United States. For example, in 2016 he used president Trump's comment and made fun of him in during the United States presidential politics and other similar occurrences (McDermott, 2016).

Position Based Power

In this power, it entails the influence and control bestowed by an office on the individual filling the docket. Samantha Bee is one of the United States media personalities showing on the position based power. "Samantha Bee" is well known for her communication style especially by making a comedy of the people. Samantha Bee rose to fame as a correspondent on the Daily Show, where she became amongst the longest-serving correspondents in the show. Recently, she has used her position based power by making of different occurrences in the White House particularly the US president.

Personality and Individual Differences

The character and individual difference in power is an authority based on occurring events between people. "Lester Holt" is an individual who the source of power is based on personality and individual differences, primarily through his work. With his occupation as a permanent anchor of NBC Nightly News as from June 2015, Lester Holt has shown his power through heated debates. For instance, he has portrayed this through different actions by asking the right question and at the right time. Also, he is significantly playing a significant role in keeping the public more informed and focuses on ensuring that people are aware of the current happenings especially by anchoring in the major breaking news (Wu & Coleman, 2017).

Contextual Power

Contextual power allows for the intuitive diagnostic skill that focuses on aligning resources with objectives. Anderson Cooper has dramatically portrayed the art of contextual power in his occupation as a primary anchor of CNN news. In his show, he aligns resources with objective especially through his show "Anderson Cooper 3600". Anderson Cooper strives to go beyond the headlines to tell stories from different perspectives to help everyone make up their minds concerning the news (Cooper, 2014).


Since media power is in most of the cases based on the influence the media delivers on the viewers, it is imperative to consider the direct impact it poses. Depending on how it is used, it plays a major role especially with the involvement of media at different levels. Since the press may control the perception of viewers concerning a particular occurrence, the media force is dominant in most of the operations.


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