Free Essay Example: The Concept of Respect

Published: 2023-02-08
Free Essay Example: The Concept of Respect
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The term respect is usually referred to like attention, consideration or else regard towards something. Moreover, the term respect can be defined as a consideration of something towards the manifestation of personal ability or quality. Respect is always a very important component of both interpersonal relationships and also personal identity. For one to feel that he/she is granted his/her respect, the term is applied as a basic human right. Thus the term respect helps in position ranking and authority delegation in an organization. It gives superiors in an organization a sense of feeling that they are in a position of higher level. Violence and break-ups can be caused by aby disrespectful actions of an individual.

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However, respect is a concept referring to the ability to honor and value another person both his/her actions even if they at all approve what he/she does. It can also be described as the act of making acceptance on another person's action but not changing them. The act of respecting other person is not regarded as an act of making a judgment concerning their behaviors, attitudes or else thoughts. Also, it is not an act of expecting for someone to be otherwise.

Furthermore, differences are amongst individuals are always positive because it always creates one's identity. The statement above means that differences among individuals usually (Benn, Stanley I. pg. 1-7) exists but the most important thing is understanding each member present in the society and finally make a conclusion of equality. All people in the society are due respect with a simple fact that they are being people. Thus it is important to teach children from a very young age the importance of valuing respect and the perfect way of teaching respect is becoming one of the role models towards it Granting respect for others is a very important thing but for oneself it is fundamental the fact been that you will value others according to the extent at which you value yourself.

The main importance of respect is avoiding conflicts in society with other members present. If we are not respectful to others the same will happen on our side and if we never respect ourselves then others will neither respect us (Peters, Richard Stanley). It is always an essential thing to feel safe, be able to express ourselves without any fear of being humiliated, discriminated against or else judged.

Offering respect to others, being respected and finally respecting ourselves usually increase our self-efficacy, self-esteem, well-being and also mental health (Habermas, Jurgen pg. 50-70). Respect is known to exist in different forms including; respect for nature, for norms and laws, for family, for culture and finally self-respect. They are described below;

  • Respect for nature- This refers to the respect of the external environment.
  • Respect for norms and laws- it if respect of norms that govern the society.
  • Respect for culture- It is the ability to make recognition of other cultural values and respect them
  • Respect for self- Refers to the respect of oneself, appreciate oneself and also value yourself.
  • Respect for the family- The kind Implies the act of being able to respect and understand each other within a family and also it provides an implication of making a follow up to the set rules of coexistence.
  • To finale, respect in an organization contributes to satisfaction in a job where every member is focused on her/his goals without much bothering. Respect also offers an increase in employee engagement towards work and also it acts as a stress reducer.


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