Free Essay Answering How to Achieve Equity in Education

Published: 2022-06-20
Free Essay Answering How to Achieve Equity in Education
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Equity in education entails the ability of anyone seeking education from the schools getting an equal chance with everyone else to be in class and learn without any form of discrimination. The United States Department of education has over the years worked on the education system of the country to ensure there is equity in education and to date, this fete has been achieved in a big way.

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Brown V. The Board of Education

The Brown v. Board of Education was a United States Supreme court landmark ruling in which the court allowed black and white students to school together. The ruling declared laws put in place to deter black and white students from schooling together in the same institutions of learning to be unconstitutional. This made learning for the blacks easy as they could be admitted in any school of their choice, with equal chances of learning for both blacks and whites (Lopez, Burciaga, 2014)However, the development came with its fair share of challenges. The issues of funding of the education, as well as the influx of school going children, became major challenges. Some of these challenges have since been addressed. Such issues as the influx of school going children are almost non-existent today, but the issue of funding for special groups education still presses on. The Impact of the Brown v. Board of education is that currently, American children can attend school at any Institution of their choice which is a major step towards realizing equity in education.

Betsy DeVos position on equity, experience and whether is working

Betsy DeVos is the official education secretary in the United States. She has held the position after appointment by President Donald Trump in 2017. The fact that DeVos is not an expert in school governance or curriculum development has had some Americans express disquiet about the manner in which she runs the department of education (Strom, Martin, 2017). However, her supporters term her as an advocate who is caring for children. That Betsy has insurmountable experience in leadership of various dockets is not in dispute. However, her education policies have not been well approved by a good number of Americans. Her policy expression has been somewhat leaning on the whites' side. At one time DeVos campaigned for the amendment of Michigan's constitution to allow school vouchers, the campaign did not succeed. DeVos has years before contributed millions of dollars to the cause of expanding the school choice in the State of Michigan as part of her educational policy.

Currently, as the Secretary of the department of education, it can be said DeVos' experience in leadership and political matters have been helpful, and her tenure in the department is working just fine. DeVos supports the current US educational policy to ensure no child is left behind in learning in that all American children have equal chances to attend school. She also supports the online learning platform to allow students to learn from the comfort of their homes.

What equity in education looks like now?

Equity in education has been achieved far much faster than anyone would have anticipated. While there are still concerns of segregation in some instances, the practice is not in large scale and rarely touches on learning institutions as a whole (Klein, et, al. 2014). American citizens can attend school at any institution of their choice, an aspect that puts equity in education in good shape. With gender equity, all children can access education regardless of their gender, which is a major step towards realizing equity in education. People with disabilities can also access education.


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