Our Mortality - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-10
Our Mortality - Free Essay Sample
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We are mortal beings. One day, we shall have the moments of our life flash in front of us. As we see in the movies, we may have them flood in chronological order from when we were filled with great vitality life and hoped to when the life was flowing right out of us. There may comprise of very eccentric moments but also those filled painful emotions. There will be some that make us feel valid but those that invalidate us. But at that moment as we breathe our last (perhaps with our loved ones standing beside us with empathy as they treasure every last embrace they can conjure from us) we shall be wondering if indeed we lived with a great objective.

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Our personal identity is not as easy as it may seem. We can be as opaque as walls but at other times, transparent. How we relate with those around us will constitute the defining factors of the legacy we will leave behind. It is part of who we are. Our colleagues, friends, acquaintances and those we collaborate with carry with them a piece of us all through their lives. The question is what will that part be?

Our interpersonal relationships translate to our individual values. It 's hard to convince anybody that we lived at any time in total isolation. Also, it would be total nonsense to think that individually, we can be entirely autonomous. The truth is, to live in the excessive emotions that flare in this life we need people, no matter their geographical position in the world. Whether they are passive or actively engaged with us, the macroeconomics of understanding our individuality is greatly entwined with them.

We emit whatever is in us to the outside world. If sad, sadness is all we come across. Our inner energy and that around us work in cooperation to create and shape the geology of our lives. They are facsimile. The person we attract to our lives is our choosing. This very understanding helps us analyze our interaction with others to a coherent level. Whom you bring close to you is actually your own intrastate affair. They shouldnt be nondescript relationships with us.

We are created to live happily. This is a principal that is interstate and beyond any geography that can be made. To be happy, we need to be vivacious in our living. We become vicarious and engaged with them at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. To spawn long lasting love in others translate the same for us too. There is no alternative to being at bliss created by love and found truthful purpose. There can be no a more befitting arrangement than that of finding true love. When put under a microscope, love is the singular thing that will enable us to engage others amicably in the world. It allows us to understand how to compromise and seek interim solutions for the chronic problems till a permanent solution can be found. It is not verbose but uses actions to take the message home. It makes us exceed our limitations to make the make us all geocentric pieces of one another.

In a world filled with much pain and suffering, we should synthesize our time energies resources and emotions for greater good. By understanding the microeconomics of our small role as a piece of the puzzle, we shall make an ideal macrocosm structure of the human world. This will be at a social, and spiritual level. Alleviate despair and be meaningful even if to a singular mortal soul.

So when we have breathed our last and the mortician had covered us with translucent sheeting, taken off his gloves, signed our papers and walked out of the morgue, before those who mattered, the questions of could have and should have should not matter to you, because you lived your best.

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