How the System of White Supremacy Works in the US Context? Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-01
How the System of White Supremacy Works in the US Context? Free Essay Sample
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When I get to hear of the term "White Supremacy", my mind reflects upon atrocities emanating from Whiteman's dominance. It is a racial perception that a Whiteman is superior to any other person from another race in many ways. In short, there needs to be a collective effort to defeat this kind of social inequity. From Donald Trump's recent remarks on African countries as 'shit holes' to implementation of stringent immigration policy, precisely the US until today is still under the hook of white man supremacy. Praxis, Preferential option, situated epistemology, virtues and capabilities are some of the significant concepts of contextual ethical methods- proposed strategies to dismantling White Supremacy.

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A prominent American author called Craig E Johnson stresses the need to embrace ethical competence while designing moral decision. He reflects upon the love of Jesus Christ to us. Goizueta asserts that "hope has arisen for others who live in darkness' (3). In the agreement, through the virtue of love, America stands a great chance to dismantle white supremacy. Christ had the love for us all so should America. Goizueta demonstrates an urge for a preferential option. "It is to the lives of my abuelita and this homeless man that Christian Theology must first look into." (5). Regarding Goizueta book, it would be necessary to embrace love as the center of this sensitive issue. It is all about defeating racism together, and the best way to go about it would be to show solidarity in the quest to fighting racial injustices. The prospect of demonstrating one love is an essential virtue in the pursuit upholding moral competence. Another reform would be to put together voices that vehemently opposes skin colour discrimination at the centre of the everyday conversation.

Situated epistemology primarily refers to a situation whereby it would be essential to conduct comprehensive research on education and science; getting to understand more about facts encompassing truthfulness and delusion as one of the major components of contextual ethical methods. Meanwhile, an author known as Nussbaum focuses on the need to incorporate capabilities approaches as one of the significant ethical ways to dismantle racism. Nussbaum states that "Women in much of the world lack support for fundamental actions of human life" (1). With that, from my point of view, the ideal reform aimed at dismantling racism will be to advocate for an urge to educate all. Furthermore, when a woman is educated, then the whole society is educated. Nussbaum further argues that "this approach yields a form of universalism that is so sensitive to pluralism and cultural differences." Besides, there is a need for the American culture to explore the dynamics of sensitive issues within the society and instead provide coherent counteraction rather than huge implications.

"It is impossible now to determine the date at which they became acquainted with the metal" (9). From this line, Radcliffe meant that the Andamans too had to be prepared to retreat. In the 21st, the system of white supremacy needs eradication. According to my observation, it would be a tremendous move when the Americans stand up in solidarity to take down all the Confederate monuments that seem to aggravate social injustices. From an overall point of view, embracing social equities will enhance steady economic growth.

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