Essay Sample on Climate-Related Issues

Published: 2023-04-19
Essay Sample on Climate-Related Issues
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In recent years, climate-related issues have been paramount in most parts of the world. The concept of climate change is envisaged to be universal, though it majorly affects the urban residence as compared to the rural counterpart. The key reason why climate change affects urban life dates back to the rampant industrialization in the urban centres, lest I forget the busy lifestyle in the cities. Industries, to be precise, are characterized by the emission of harmful gasses, most of which affect the ozone layer. Additionally, urban centres are chief producers of greenhouse gas that occasionally lead to negative changes in the climate. It goes undisputed that the adverse climate changes affect people negatively in all parts of the world, be it the rural setups or urban places. However, policies set to control the climate changes also have condemnable impacts on workers.

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According to Roger, a BBC environmental analyst, the most vulnerable people to the adverse climate changes are people with low living standards. The poor people are at risk of losing their jobs in unworthy industries that are perceived to produce green gas to the atmosphere. The article by Rodger Harrabin tackles the stories shared by individuals affected by the new environmental policies towards stabilizing the adverse climatic changes. The article is based on the effects of Scotland abandoning the use of coal and adopting oil and gas as the best alternatives sources of energy.

First and foremost, Rab's story unravels the high rate s of unemployment that is currently experienced in Kincardine, Scotland. Even though Rab grew up as an independent energy worker, the new abolition of coal energy rendered him jobless at the age of 56 years. Even though gas and oil energy are better alternatives to coal, many people are puzzled whether the new energy sources promise better employment opportunities to the mineworkers. About the Rig crew story, the new sources of energy may as well end up closed quickly than anticipated by the employers.

Conversely, some energy workers perceive the new alternative as a heap of money to businessmen. The article states how some companies in within Aberdeen location have highly informed workers, who will quickly adapt to the new reforms for the betterment of their companies. In this light, the companies are expected to register an increment in profit level through the efforts of the well-informed employees. Additionally, the chairman of the Scottish cold industries confirmed that there are still many reforms that need to be adopted in the climatic policies. Most of these changes should be aimed at improving the well-being of people rather than infringing their rights.

Consequently, the article acknowledges the fact that the new environmental policies are anticipated to have challenges that must be properly addressed by the national government. Equity factor should be a number one consideration in the transition process from coal to the new sources of energy in Scotland. According to the Scottish government, people's lifestyle must change for a conducive environment. On the other hand, poor people should be assisted in getting other alternatives to heating that uses less carbon.

The article acknowledges the adverse impact of climate changes globally. However, when new climatic policies that are aimed at harmonizing climatic changes are adopted, the poor people in the societies are most likely to be affected. One of the reasons for this anticipation is based on the fact that most of these people depend on the mine industries for a living. Nonetheless, the government should ensure that the less fortunate people in societies are considered when adopting machines that are environmentally friendly.


Harrabin, Roger. "Climate change: Workers and poor 'need protection' from policies." Science and Environment, 5 Mar. 2020, BBC News.

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