Hospitality in Hongqiao NECC - Free Example of Literature Review

Published: 2022-03-02
Hospitality in Hongqiao NECC - Free Example of Literature Review
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Hospitality is a broad term used to refer to the relationship between a guest and a host. In such a case, the host receives the guest with a warm heart. He should be then get responsible for the security and entertainment of the guest (Bell, 2007). The concept of hospitality can also get viewed as the virtue that ties humanity by a soul that cares. Hospitality ethics is also a discipline that studies how an organization conducts the usage of hospitality. It gets closely related with the subject of hospitality management which is the study of the hospitality industry. In most countries, a degree in hospitality management gets awarded by an accredited university dedicated with the relevant studies. The literature review will, therefore, conduct a cognitive overview of the necessary skills required for the advancement in the Hospitality industry as in the setting of Hongqiao NECC. One can obtain exquisite skills through appropriate hospitality education.

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Most importantly, the studies will provide the managers with the required human resource skills that will enable him solidify his workers. The workers can, therefore, be actively engaged in the provision of up to the standard services. In the environment where contemporary and professional business is dominant, most of the participants will require formal human resources education. The hospitality industry executives must develop their skills so as to satisfy the ever changing management requirements. The human resource studies under the broader hospitality studies become significant. They do contribute to the skills a manager will require for the success of the hospitality business empire.

Operational Performance

Some prominent scholars examined the hospitality industry's requirements in the European Community. The studies came to an almost similar conclusion that the essential competencies in the hospitality industry are somewhat different from those required in the education sector. On a more specific approach some of the skills that a graduate manager should consider in the management of hospitality services include:

There is the excellent control of the guest problems while employing a thorough understanding of their sensitivity.

As a manager, one should ensure there is the maintenance of professional and ethical standards in the work environment. It will come to play after an in-depth understanding of the ethical studies (Cascio, 2000).

It is important that the manager displays and demonstrates professional appearance. The appearance is to be emulated by all the other employees.

There should be proper communication in the business premise as a whole. An organizational hierarchy must define the appropriate channels of communication and the various methods of communication. There must also be clearly defined conditions on whether the communication must be done orally or in weighting.

Upon attending proper schooling, the manager will understand the need of the hospitality center to develop good relations with the customer. Magnificent customer relationships is an essential industrial competence in the hospitality industry. It is simply because hospitality services gets aimed at making the customer feel comfortable and relaxed.

Some other competent researchers incorporate the ideology of technical, human and professional ethical standards. According to the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom, the individuals running the hospitality sector must have the following qualities to be considered as competencies. One, he or she must achieve positive working relations with other employees. On the other hand, he should be in the forefront of motivating the other staff to deliver their full potential.

There is also a five domain competency model that managers can adopt upon the acquisition of the hospitality education. The model can be summarized as follows.

Conceptual-Creative- It gets primarily viewed as a cognitive understanding of the whole concept of hospitality management.

Leadership- It is simply the ability of a manager to turn the company's ideas into productive actions.

Interpersonal- It refers to the skills that a manager requires for interpersonal relationship with others.

Administrative- It encompasses the personnel and the human resource allocation to all the departments of the hospitality facility.

Technical Competencies- These get attributed to the knowledge of technical requirements and the practical skills that gets required for the production of a particular commodity or the delivery of appropriate services. Despite many of the managerial duties that a manager will find on his way, he or she must also have the necessary technical skills so that he is not swayed or challenged by the ordinary workers.

In a nut shell, it is easy to see that most of the research work done by these scholars affirm that the hospitality students require a proper understanding of the hospitality industry and the general issues revolving around the human resource services. The knowledge should come from both theoretical and conceptual points of view. On the other hand, it is a significant move on the side of hospitality educators to introduce ingenious ways of enriching the student manager's skills in perfecting the hospitality industry (Holz, 2016). The hospitality students are therefore made to receive the basic knowledge of business and accounting skills.

Guest Satisfaction

Automated Point of Sale Systems in Hongqiao NECC

A point of sale is primarily where a customer will make payments to the business owner. After the provision of goods and services, the merchant may decide to issue the customer with an invoice. The POS have varied configurations customized to suit the requirements of the business premise. With the advent of modern technology in computing, there is the emphasis on the use of E-Commerce in each segment of the hospitality industry (Tesone, 2006). It is, therefore, easy to comprehend the fact that there is an urgent need to automate a restaurant with a point of sale system. One of the reasons that compel a business to have a POS is that it eliminates the need for price tags on the commodities sold. Also, the institution can adopt varied discount schemes and adopt an efficient stock control system.

The iPad point of sale system is used in more than thirty-five countries worldwide. It increases staff efficiency by having them the front lines of the business. Concerning managerial control, the software offers full customization at the fingertips. One can create staff profiles customized with editing menu items and the inventory. It is all because iPad's POS is designed to consolidate related functions like inventory management and intelligent reporting (Holler et al. 2014). Ravel's POS has a user-friendly interface that is very easy to master. It is cheap and easy to train the employees on how to use the new application. Technologies like using the touchscreen make it very easy to place an order and pay the bills. In a summary, the iPad Point of Sale System brings about the advantage of increased efficiency and a better utilization of time by the employees. Also, there is better inventory control leading to more profitability. Every restaurant should employ the use of iPad POS.

A Point of Sale System is the common term used to refer to the time and place where a retail transaction gets completed. Usually, after a customer gets done with enjoying the hospitality services of a given company, he or she has to pay for the services. The hotel management will either provide an invoice to the customer in the form of a printout or just calculate the bills and leave the customer to choose his convenient method of payment. It is important to note that the PSS is synonymously referred to as the Point of Sale System. It is because the customer gets communication regarding payments and service delivery at these points. The paper will, therefore, take a cognitive overview of the best POS that a business ought to adopt.

The Point of Sale in various retail premises would be a customized hardware materials with the most desirable software in it. The software must be language specific to meet the immediate needs of the company and also to offer customer satisfaction. With the modern technologies and the advancement of programming languages, there is the ease to develop software that finds excellent use in the Point of Service systems. Before we take an in-depth consideration for the best POS system, it will be important for the paper to touch on some of the basic types of POS systems that are in the market. There is unique Point of Sale Systems for every industry because each of them is tailored to meet the operating requirements of the company. Firstly, there is the Retail Point of Sales. As the name suggests, it is required for retail stores. It has accessories like an LCD screen, a Central Processing Unit, a printer, a keyboard and lastly, a bar code reader. A different server is required for the case of multiple terminals.

Secondly, we have the restaurant Point of Sale. It will operate on the dual principle of the 'front desk' and 'the back kitchen.' The front desk receives orders and sends a copy to the chief chef in the back kitchen as the customer waits for the services. We should know that that in the case of advanced systems where accountability is paramount, some applications might be put in place to facilitate the consolidation of the transacted data. Last but not least, we have the Lesser-Cost Point of Sale Hardware. They have the main obligation of cutting down the installation and maintenance expenditure on the POS systems. Several developers are stiff competition to give the best deals in their Android and iPad solutions. The good thing with the modern POS architecture is that they act as service points for creating a good image for the business empire. They also help expand the customer base and keep the existing customers.

Consider a hotel with five hundred room hotel attached to three restaurants. The restaurants work out of one large kitchen. The management can recommend the use of iPad POS to get intergraded with the WebRezPro PMS. The software is magnificent for the protection and management system for the organizations and personal property. It is important to implement iPad POS because of the following reasons. One, it is used in many countries worldwide. It will be fairly easy for the international customers to use because it will not be then big deal. Also, it puts the staff in the frontline of providing magnificent service delivery to the customers. To promote the ease of service delivery, iPad POS comes with the opportunity to create customized staff profiles with menus. It will be easy for staff to send an instruction to the kitchen without the need of jamming one center of service. Editing menus and inventory are the design features of iPad POS that help group together similar functions like inventory management and intelligent reporting as suggested by Tesone (2006). The business premise is fairly large. It will be a necessity for the business to cut down all the unnecessary expenditure in all the sectors. Therefore, the company can adopt a POS that will require the least installation costs and also the least operation costs. The third generation POS application that employs the cloud technologies is desirable in this sector. Ravel's POS embodies a user-friendly interface. It is fairly easy to master. It is less expensive to train the employees on how to use the new program package. Technologies like the use of touchscreen make it very easy to place an order and pay the bills. In a summary, the iPad Point of Sale System brings about the advantage of increased efficiency and a better utilization of time by the employees. Also, a user will experience better inventory control leading to mor...

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