Essay Sample on Improving Own Performance Through Action Learning

Published: 2023-01-29
Essay Sample on Improving Own Performance Through Action Learning
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Action learning is a process where a particular group is working on the real problem, taking out various actions and learning either as an individual, team, or an organisation. This action allows the organisation to develop the creative, practical, and proper strategies which will help in solving issues. Action learning groups might be designed to either handle single or multiple projects which are performed by the organisation. In the multiple project action learning the whole team focuses on a unique project where they provide a recommendation or implement certain strategies in solving specific issues. In the individual or the single project action learning the individual select a particular project, thus getting committed to take steps and implement unique solutions towards specific issues. For an organisation to work effectively, they have to learn about issues which affect their performance, thus promoting problem-solving. Due to the problems which affect organizational performance, this paper will focus on the facilitators' ground rules, issue holder goals and actions towards a particular issue, determine the member challenges provide recommendations on how to improve performance of the organisation.

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The facilitators provide ground rules which guide the actions taken in an organisation, thus allowing the achievement of set goals and objectives. Also, they provide guidance which helps in the provision of appropriate solutions to the issues which affect the performance of the team. Before offering solutions to some problems, the facilitator conducts a close assessment which determines the root of the cause of such issues. In the organisation, the issue holder usually sets the objectives and goals that guide the team how actions are conducted. Strategies are developed depending on the mission and the set goals of the group. Also, action learning can be developed through member challenges, active listening, mentoring, and questions. Through questioning, one can learn the issues which affect individuals in the organisations, thus limiting their performance. Therefore, to promote learning in the corporations, one has to share their knowledge with other members, thus helping in providing solutions to specific issues.

Consequently, to promote performance in an organisation, they have to incorporate leaders who possess practical skills for guiding and controlling every activity carried out in the corporation. Leadership is vital since leaders can motivate and inspire their workers and other stakeholders to focus on the set goals and objectives. For example, leaders ensure teamwork among their employees, thus promoting effective decision making that helps in solving problems. The leaders have to accordingly within the internalised values, which help them in organising their strategies to deal with these issues. Also, one had to possess various learning skills which help in mentoring and providing solutions to problems. The acquired expertise from friends and business partners allow one to learn the diverse methods which are used in other organisations to solve issues affecting their companies. Therefore, the LinkedIn members and maintaining close contact with friends helps one to have a diverse range of ideas on different approaches to use to achieve their set goals and objectives.

Importance of Systematic Approach in Improving Oneself

The systematic approach helps one to share their attributes and various information concerning themselves. This approach allows one to understand oneself, thus making better and appropriate decisions concerning their discoveries. One can determine the professional opportunity to take and what to leave, depending on their likeness. Also, one can provide adequate information to their peers so that they can be respected and create an impact on their lives. The information can be useful at their workplace since the workmates clearly understand ones' strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, this will allow one to achieve their set goals and objectives at the workplace.

Consequently, the systematic approach allows a person to share with others what they find unique when they use this approach. It is exciting when people share their experiences after utilizing the systematic approach since they can motivate others to use it if they need to document about themselves. The approach is always taken as a priority by individuals since they get to learn more about themselves and what affects their performance. For example, by documenting about one's values, this promotes effectiveness at the workplace as workers respect others. The person gets to know if they good learners, listeners, or readers. Through the use of this approach, one meditates on the time they have developed a mental model or solved a particular problem. Therefore, through these actions, one can know the strategies to use whenever they face a specific issue or problem which limits their performance.

Importance of Setting SMART Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

The SMART goals tend to be measurable thus using the KPI's in determining the progress of an organisation. The corporations set strategic goals which they wish to achieve within a stipulated time. For example, an organisation can establish a defect rate which determines whether the corporation in achieving its set goals of reducing defects during production. Without a useful KPI, the organisation cannot know if they are progressing or not. For the goal to be measurable, the workers develop appropriate strategies which ensure there are no hindrances when conducting tasks in the corporation. Also, with the help of the KPI's, the companies obtain vital information which helps them in determining the organisations overall performance. For example, the crucial key performance indicators help in providing the leaders with the decision making information that enables them to improve their performance. Therefore, appropriate utilisation of the key performance indicators will help entrepreneurs and leaders to know if they are progressing or not.

Measuring critical performance indicators promotes learning in organisations. For example, data which is generated from evaluating the performance indicators allows individuals to share the crucial information regarding the company. The workers tend to share what the KPI measures and what can be done to improve performance. Also, persons discuss whether this indicator is useful during measurements and how the SMART goals are related to the KPI, Therefore, through various conversations and discussions held by employees and other stakeholders at the workplace plays a vital role in educating every personnel.

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