Free Essay Sample on Critical thinking

Published: 2023-01-17
Free Essay Sample on Critical thinking
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The ability of a person to come up with new and original innovative and creative plans is what is termed as critical thinking. This may bring lots of change to an organization, for example, the normal behavior and ways of doing things by the organization may change, and new methods and practice introduced. Change is gradual, and an organization will only achieve success if it is flexible enough to adapt to various changes, especially technology. Critical thinking ensures this by enabling original innovations and inventions that ensure new changes, this success, and this helps to leave old and outdated ways of doing things (Mason 2016). The opposite of critical thinking is the status quo, this is a state where this is supposed to be left the way they were initially, and this means that it does not allow for any changes to take place to the already existing or current state of doing things. This can bring lots of problems as one will only be fixed to doing the same thing over and over, and not allowing room for adjustment to new ways, thus hindering opportunities.

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In the modern world, technology is taking over everything, and most of the works and businesses are being carried through technology. A high-end clothing retail chain encompasses the process of selling of high fashion design based on the current fashion trends, which are often being set by different fashion designers and buyers in the market and industry and the clothes are of very high quality (Mason, 2016). Tailoring these clothes towards specific customers is reasonable bearing in mind that not everybody can be able to afford this kind of clothes, but the problem comes when the market of this kind of clothes becomes limited, and the customer base is reduced this may lead to slow growth of the organization and humper or delay success. Every organization's main aim is to attract as many customers as possible for their products; thus after a thorough investigation, my committee realized that our organization has been lagging in terms of selling of our clothes and this is because we don't have enough customers (Boss 2015). The online market is the most preferred and faster form of reaching out to customers from different parts of the world at a meager cost, hence should be embraced in any organization that wants to achieve a competitive advantage.

We realized that our organization was at the verge of even losing a lot of capital because we were using a lot of cost in production and the return is small, and this threat is something that has to be well taken care of lest the organization close down (Mason 2016). Many companies and industries are undergoing drastic transformations due to advancements in technology, and fashion companies are of no exception. Technology gives room for innovation, and through research, fashion keeps on changing now and then. As time changes the taste and preferences of customers also change in line with the trending type of fashion, modern designers are now able to design modern fashion, patterns, and styles of different clothes in a more advanced and accurate way than the old system. Technology has promoted daily interactions, and exchanges on the internet, thus pushing the modern fashion consumers to a current digital self. The sellers are also able to research on consumer preferences and needs and deliver services by their demand (Boss 2015). Consumers always need, to have the liberty of making their own choices and exploring different kinds of clothes available before finally choosing the most preferred one, technology is a platform that will enable the designer to be well enlightened about the trending fashions and this will enable them to produce as much variety as possible thus attracting many buyers.

From the above argument, it's quite clear that if we continue with our old ways of making and marketing our clothes or with the same status quo, then we shall suffer loss more than gain. Thus our organization needs change and incorporation of technology to succeed and be competitive. This can be possible if innovations, creativity, and inventions are encouraged, and the demands of the customers fully met, as this will help to create a larger consumer base.

Creativity can't work if it is not accompanied by creative thinking, an idea might be original, but if it does not address the intended problem in question, then it ceases to be a creative idea. For example, if the main problem of our organization is frequently losing customers to the competitors, and one of our colleagues has an idea on how to improve our production level of the clothes being produced, then the idea can't be applied to solve the problem of the low consumer base (Boss 2015). Creativity requires that one should critically analyze the current situation of the organization, think of the possible solution and design the most appropriate and preferred one according to him/her. The person should then give room for the views of others before coming up with the appropriate conclusion. In ensuring that technology is used in the cloth-retail chain, the importance and limitations of the technology must be established first is when the next move can be taken in (Boss 2015). This is very different from status quo, where an organization maintains its current market strategy without inviting any change, and because we are in the world of technological changes, status quo can lead to static growth. For example is the case of Blockbuster company, which stored VHS and DVD without having interest in technological changes, and this made Netflix and Redbox companies who embrace technology to overpower it. In solving any problem critical and creative thinking needs to be applied, but if status quo thinking is applied then little will be done to solve the problems, this is where the argument of critical and creative thinking arises.


To provide a change in the organization, my committee, drafted a possible solution that all members had to know about the trending new technology; one must have both the motivation that comes from within self and the one from outside, that they can achieve greatness and success. And this will help to boost the communication and arguments towards implementing a very successful technology (Boss 2015). It will also rest on the mood of an individual; if a person is of a good mood is considered to be very skillful and productive than if the feeling of person is bad. Creative thinking may also need corporation from members, acceptance of risk, conflict management, and even elements of help-seeking.


From our investigation, it's clear that we should always embrace change, as time passes, new inventions are being invented, and the old system does not become relevant. For example, the fashion of clothes frequently change with time, preference and taste of consumers also do change, to catch up with the fashion, this means that if an organization still holds to the old ways of doing things then, it will lose its customers. Hence I would prefer the adoption of creative thinking over the status quo.


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