Essay Sample: Time, The Real History of Science Fiction

Published: 2022-12-09
Essay Sample: Time, The Real History of Science Fiction
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Time has had a significant role to play in science fiction. If there was no concept of time, the science fictional universe would cease to exist. Time in the world represents a type of a concept, a unit or dimension. The history of sci-fi is looked at in the way it pertains the history of mankind. Throughout the entire history, the concept described is the current placement of species, where they may go in the near future and what is likely to happen when they get there.

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There are quite a number of questions that humanity has asked since there was dawn of civilization. However, it is only in the 19th century that humans have realized they have the power and technology to make great things happen hence expanding beyond the limits of humanity. In this case, the time comes in to say that humans have developed the capacity to make use of tools around them to create a better living for themselves.

The universe is made in such a way that science fiction is intricately and uniquely made to challenge the concept of time. The viewer is likely to consider the science fictional world as a parallel universe. They have the imagination of creation as well as the technology that is involved in creating the genre of science fiction that has challenged the world. In that case, time is a necessary factor in creating the world and has allowed the sci-fi to exist.

There has been much done and transitioned to the present day genre that has taken shape. Some of the old texts show scenarios where man has been able to traverse beyond the limits as they have been stated in the world and so diving into space and the cosmos beyond. Sci-fi is a marriage world of space and time in that as one digs deeper to details of the concept, they realize that one cannot exist without the other.

The definition we can give about science fiction is that it is more of the "literature of change" because for every world rendered by science fiction, there i8s something changed from the general perception of the world as people continue to pose the question of "what if". Answering the questions such as "what if the space travel is possible?" leads to more advancements as trials are made to know if such is possible. Thus, time tends to branch off into a possibility of it never ending hence, the basis for science fiction.

In the age of reason, there have been myths on human understanding and the belief that they are transcended to new levels. History of science fiction tries to continue answering the concept of what is next making science be applied and other predominant rules. Time makes it possible to move from one generation to the next.

In conclusion, it is right to say that time is forever dividing itself to form many other innumerable futures, a feature that requires people to visualize like a tree that is branching off and creating directions. Thus, time brings life to the science fictional universe as it has the power to grow and also play in our eyes. Humans should be able to understand the contributing aspect of time to the changes in the universe.

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