High Technology Crimes

Published: 2022-06-02
High Technology Crimes
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Technology is now a part of our day to day lives. From the mobile phones that we hold in our hands all day to the computers at home, technology surrounds us in every aspect of our lives. Most of our human interactions have moved online, and the same case applies to other activities that we take part in on a daily basis. Shopping, socialization, keeping in touch with friends among others are all events that have moved to the online platform.

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Unfortunately, the advancement in technology has come with a burden to bear. Crimes have moved from the streets and found their way on the digital platform. As one goes about their day to day activities on the internet, most people are oblivious to the dangers that they get exposed to. Digital crimes are now a significant concern to the law enforcers as the victims are increasing day by day. The primary objectives of the criminals behind these digital crimes are extracting money or other benefits from their victims.

In the past, bank robberies were committed in the open daylight where robbers attacked banks forced people onto the ground and stole money. However, with the advancement in technology, this is now an occurrence of the past. Hackers can now access bank databases and silently siphon money into foreign accounts without causing any commotion. This has been made possible by the tremendous technological advancements that we have observed. Initially, computers were owned by well to do individuals or companies. Today anybody with an above average income can afford a computer. The availability of this technology to anybody has contributed significantly to the advancement of technological crimes.

Some people may argue that the society was safer before the advent of modern technology claiming that technological advancement has only made the community unsafe compared to before. It is hard to refute this claim bearing in mind that nowadays people walk around with trackers that can trace their every move, i.e., their mobile phones. Digital criminals can therefore easily track a target and commit any atrocities against them just by accessing this data from their phones. Before robbers had to track down a target physically but today technology has done away with that part. Initially, people walked around carrying tools that could hardly bring them any harm; today technology has exposed them to dangers that were unprecedented before.

Technology has also brought about new crimes that were not present before. Violation of privacy and data theft which can get done in some ways such as cracking passwords and hacking are all crimes that were initially non-existent in the society before. Today anybody with hacking skills or the money to hire a hacker can access your private information on the click of a button.

Although technology has brought new and more comfortable ways of accomplishing our tasks, it has left us exposed to a vast array of other new dangers. It is, therefore, necessary that people watch what kind of information that they leave online as it may be exactly what these criminals need to bring harm in their way.

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