How core-based consumption causes an economic change in periphery cultures

Published: 2022-12-06
How core-based consumption causes an economic change in periphery cultures
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The correlation between the core and the periphery countries is determined by the way core countries exploit the peripheral nations, particularly for raw materials and labor. Every nation has its unique ways of managing and running its levers of the economy. In this case, therefore, it is important to be cognizant of the fact that some of the nations have their consumption trends intertwined with their cultural systems. The peripheral regions are connected with an economic perspective to the core, and they interrelate as reverse poles. However, the correlation between the core and the periphery is determined by some factors such as social inequity and unequal distribution of authority. The relevance of authority in the running of daily activities of a nation and society at large is very prominent. The areas that are categorized as the core are regarded as the central areas of prosperity and innovation in various fields such as technology, the economy as well as social development and management. The concentration of the general population of the core regions is also higher and more autonomous as compared to the areas within the peripherals. Core-based consumption causes an influence on the economy of the peripheral societies.

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According to Flynn, the consumption and economic policies of the core influence the economic development of the peripherals providing an insight of China and Argentina, in which treating Argentina as the periphery and China as the core influences the trade statistics and trade partners because of the core-periphery relationship and the dynamic impact of China in state affairs. The effect of the core on the economy of the periphery results from the dominance of power and prestige to which the periphery is subordinate to due innovation imbalance. Therefore, core-based consumptions influence the economic change in the periphery nations because of the imbalance in the political and social dimensions hence innovation imbalance.

Conduction of integration/assimilation of Kurdish people in Turkey and Iraq

The history of the Kurds can be related to the struggle to establish independence from the countries seeking domination especially the neighboring nations like Iraq and Turkey. The formal battle by the Kurds to have a state of their own was interfered by powerful countries during the world wars even though the Kurds were promised their independent nation under the Treaty of Sevres upon the collapse of Ottoman Empire after the First World War. The assimilation of the Kurds by the Turks was based on the belief that for a long time the Kurds in Turkey had undergone gradual disappearance of cultural individuality as a result of the voluntary and more unconscious process of assimilation. The fall of the Ottoman Empire mutually influenced the integration of the Kurdish in both Turkey and Iraq, and also the declining population of the Kurdish is what motivated the Turkish to welcome them and integrate them under one flag. The Kurdish were never assimilated by the Turkish as perceived because due to the influence of the integration they have proved no problem being Turkish and even in the way they embrace the Turkish cultural heritage. Therefore, the place of cultural diversity in the assimilation process cannot be downplayed at whatever cost. Similarly, Iraq also recognized the cultural rights of the Kurdish under its British mandate hence the transfer of the cultural life of the Kurdish to Iraq (Abbas).

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