Free Essay on Employee Satisfaction and Work Motivation in Engineering Company

Published: 2019-06-11
Free Essay on Employee Satisfaction and Work Motivation in Engineering Company
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Various factors motivate and satisfy employees working in an engineering company to continue with their job. According to a study carried out by Robbins, Judge, Millett & Boyle (2013), the general motivation for employees in an organization is varied. The study found out that for employees to be satisfied with the organization they work for, various factors have to be met. The factors include a good job environment, whereby their contribution to job activities is recognized and appreciated, the employees welfare are looked into. Garg & Rastog (2006) assert that the factors are critical in boosting workers job motivation. Furthermore, according to an analysis by Martins, N., & Coetzee, M. (2007) employees job satisfaction is highly related to their needs and work expectation. When the needs and work expectation are met, employees are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs

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Employees within an organization are motivated differently as per their job level. According to a study by Beecham, Baddoo, Hall, Robinson & Sharp (2008), motivation displayed by the two categories of employees in software engineering industry differs. Employees in the management and those in the lower levels have a total source of motivation. Where else the employees in the management are motivated by the continuous growth in the organization and being recognized for any development or progress an organization makes, the employees on the lower level are motivated by being appreciated for the work they do in the organization. Employees salaries and other benefits also play a huge role in gaining the motivation and satisfaction of the employees (Latham & Pinder, 2005). Garg & Rastog (2006) in their study found out that motivated employees in any organization are more likely to be satisfied with their work, hence resulting to more dedication on their duties, improved efficiency in the activities they carry out and lower employee turn out for such organization.

Organizational leadership, its culture, and the work processes have a direct relation to employee job satisfaction and work motivation according to a study carried out by Chang & Lee (2007). In the study, they exploited how workers in an organization are influenced by the leadership and its impact on the job they do. According to the finding, organization leadership style highly determines the perception an employee has towards their jobs, hence a motivational, open and worker participatory leadership that involve employees in making decisions will see a motivated workforce and workers who are satisfied with their job activities (Chang & Lee, 2007)

According to the study conducted by Rusconi (2005) on job satisfaction and motivation of engineer graduates, internal and external motivation highly determine the rate of job satisfaction. Internally engineers are motivated by the work structures in the engineering company and the ability of their efforts to be adequately recognized and rewarded. The external motivation includes the ability of the organization they are working for to utilize emerging technology and the ability of the organization to embrace the changes in the engineering industry. Engineers are also motivated by factors such as career growth in terms of experience and o job training. The motivation for career growth will see an engineer avoid looking for opportunities elsewhere. The sense of job security that is determined by the ability of the engineering company to afford sustainably to the employee and provide them with a job will also profoundly determine the motivation and job satisfaction of the employee (Rusconi, 2005).


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