Gymnastic Sexual Assault in US, Essay Example for Everyone

Published: 2022-05-20
Gymnastic Sexual Assault in US, Essay Example for Everyone
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The United States of America Gymnastics exposed its failure by being defeated to protect their young gymnast yet the United States Olympic Committee has failed to hold it accountable for its incompetence. The young female gymnasts have been sexually abused by their long-term gymnastic Doctor Nassar in the sports department. The US Olympic committee is responsible for decertification of the gymnastic federation for failing to protect the young gymnast who ended up being sexually assaulted by the federation officials. It is saddening that more than 150 girls were sexually abused by their gymnastic doctor and there has been no remedy taken by the US Olympic committee on the issue.

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A young Olympic medalist Jordyn Weiber publicly declared that she was not protected by her teammates. Their parents had trusted the gymnastic doctor to defend their girls, but it was so unfortunate that he betrayed them and predated on them. She described how the doctor starting luring her at a tender age with gifts little did she know that she would be molested in some few years to come. Women protested on the issues and Nassar, the doctor was sentenced in a court, and more than 120 girls were expected to write down a statement on the sexual assault. Still, on the issue, the US Olympic committee stayed blind on the complaint as no action was taken to the gymnastics federation.

Fortunately, Senator Dianne a Democrat in California introduced a bill that would make it mandatory for the sports federation to report any sexual assault to the relevant authorities. On the other hand, it hurts since the officials remained in their post even after the demonstration for them to step down. This analysis is significant since it analyses how young girls are molested and responsible committees delay on the matter. We need to explore more on this.

Sociological concepts

Basing on the above-discussed topic, the following sociological concepts are going to be applied in expounding on why the event happened. First of all, functionalism is a perspective whereby society is made up of different parts which relate in some way and performs a certain purpose. Secondly is the feminism concept which deals with conflict theory and keeps an eye on gender and focuses on sexual orientation. Finally is the interactionism which is all about how individuals offer to the society through social interaction.

First and foremost, the sexual assault in the US gymnastic occurred for some reasons. United gymnastic is responsible for safeguarding their gymnast, by all means, it is evident that they failed. To begin with the point of functionalism, the gymnastics federation is there to support and motivate the young gymnasts. There are certain norms and values they have to uphold to ensure the safety of the gymnasts. More so, they have to understand what is desirable and what is not for the gymnast. The sexual assault majorly happened after the gymnastic doctor got used to the young girls and saw the point of taking advantage of them. This is for the reason that he began by luring the young ladies with gifts and in return molested them.

Doctor Nassar was influenced by anomie, the fact that there were no rules concerning how he should interact with the girls and the consequences arising due to the failure of not following the rules. First, he began with one girl, and after realizing that the young girl did not report to the relevant authorities, he proceeded to assault and to molest the other girls. This motivated him and gave him the courage always to go around messing with the girls since he saw no action being taken on him after so doing.

Moreover, another reason that simply led to the gymnastic sexual assault was due to feminism, the fact that there was unequal power relation between men and women. It is apparent that patriarchy took the lead since ladies were being oppressed. If a female doctor had been given the post, the event would not have occurred for the fact that most women are caring due to the motherly love. Even after the event occurred, it is evident that only women protested for Nassar to be arrested after molesting the girls. It shows how women have been oppressed, and only they understand the pain the girls went through.

Furthermore, another possible reason that led to the occurrence of the event is from the perspective of interactionism. Doctor Nassar was so close to the girls to the extent that he exceeded the boundaries. His social identity to the girls was never meant ever to exploit them. The fact that he brought gifts to them did not suggest anything fishy to the girls. They thought it was a motivation to them. The close interaction with the girls possibly led to many of them being molested by the doctor.


In conclusion, the event marked a significant to the society for the fact that it taught the higher authorities and the sports federation to be always responsible and safeguard their sportsmen and ladies. It led to creation and amendment of bills and policies that would take one into accountability for the failure of reporting any sexual abuse to the relevant authorities. Such would profoundly reduce the cases of sexual abuse among young girls and in general. The event also led to all officials in any federation to act sober mindedly and be mindful of other people's rights. Finally, it awoke the blindfolded Olympic committee always to keep an eye and monitor the various sports federation and act immediately when called upon to.

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