Personal Statement for Graduate School, Essay Example

Published: 2017-10-20
Personal Statement for Graduate School, Essay Example
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My Personal Statement Examples: Four Stories to Read

Today I am a purposeful person with well-defined interests and a solid potential to shape my life. For most people, a journey of several miles begins with a single step. This statement can be untrue if one does not realize the strength in their steps. Such was in my early teenage years when I still hid in the shadows of my tender age. I was hanging around and suffocating my potential until I was forced to stand up and accomplish something great by my grandfather. Here are four stories that have changed my life.

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The First Example

It all began in the summer of 2013, the month of July when I visited him in Ferozepur. Being an accomplished man, my grandfather, even at his old age, was still actively participating in charity activities within Ferozepur and entire Punjab ("Certificate of appreciation," 2013). He took a lot of pleasure in distributing school shoes and uniforms. Followed by the idea of motivation, he occasionally invited me to accompany him to some of the orphanages to assist with his charitable acts.

He put me in charge of finding clothes for poor children, and I spent about a week in local stores. During this time, I learned to analyze the needs of these guys quickly and was able to help them improve their wardrobes. When I saw their happy faces, I wanted to laugh and have fun with them. I realized that I wasted time and learned to appreciate life. Moreover, communication with these guys allowed me to understand how happy I am. Now I appreciate every moment and am sure that life has given me a great gift. Thanks to my grandfather, I was able to become wiser.

The Second Example

I assisted in engaging the children in sports and other game activities for most of that year's vacation with not much importance attached. These were unlucky souls with nothing but a dire lack of necessities. Most of them had been detached from their violence-torn and broken families at very young ages and knew no home except this orphanage. They lived their entire young age looking upon the acts of charitable people for clothes, food, and education. Parental love came in measurable quantities, and they were fine because that is all they had known. They had no choice and right for quality or quantity in all these like I had my entire childhood. They only found joy in sharing the much that could be brought to them by people like my grandfather, with contentment being a mainstay character in them.

My grandfather persistently lured me back to the orphanages the following summer vacation. This time something strikingly inspiring happened. Held back by none of their circumstances, two kids developed an unwavering interest in the sports activities I took them through. They had dreams of being like the world's greats. Upon such dreams, they built their hope and cultured desires for more. Within the next two summers, I had become a favorite at Arya Orphanage, an accomplished adult and walking solution, thanks to inspiration from little kids who dared to pursue their dream. Such acts put me in the corridors of adulthood, where I could meet and handle various activities with people of all ages.

The Third Example

A few years ago, I started to give concerts in the open air. The fact is that I play the guitar and sing well. That's why I found a drummer who agreed to play with me for free to practice and get the attention of other musicians. To begin with, we played in the city center for the sake of attracting attention and enjoyment. But after a few days, I realized that people like our music. Moreover, some women and men even cried when we played the famous ballads. At that moment, I realized how important it is for people to have a source for releasing emotions.

Some tourists and residents of the city perceived our music as a source of inspiration. We tried to play as well as we could. And we had about a couple of hundred fans gathering weekly in the main square a week later. At that moment, we decided to start helping other people. The thing is, we didn't play in the street for the money. At the same time, many people were throwing money into my guitar case. That is why my friend and I decided to raise more money for an orphanage. We sang and danced for hours every day to raise more money.

As a result, we raised about ten thousand dollars a month. For us, it was something like a feat. After a couple of days, we contacted the shelter representatives and bought clothes, food, and medicine for the children. Moreover, we were able to buy smartphones and a couple of laptops. The seller in the store gave us a good discount as soon as he found out that we wanted to help children from the orphanage. This story taught me to always look for opportunities to help others.

The Fourth Example

As a teenager, I loved video games. That is why I visited my friend every day, and we had many hours of Lan parties. Moreover, we played all the new games since our parents could afford us any gaming devices. One day we decided to invite a new friend from our class because he had come to our city recently. As it turned out, he did not have a computer, and he was very shy that he could not play with us.

We decided to invite him to our house and set up a common network for playing together. When our friend came to the party, he was amazed by the games and gadgets. We decided that he and his friends should come to us more often on this day. I asked my parents to create a gaming room in our basement. A couple of weeks later, my parents helped me paint the walls and install some computers.

From that day on, my friends and I played together. I could not even imagine that video games would help my new friends adapt to a new city faster. So we began to spend time together and even created an esports team. I gave my new friend my old PC, and now he can join our Lan clan. So I realized that good deeds are very important for every person on this day. Even if you can give just one happy hour to someone, you must take all the risks.


As you can see, all my stories show how easy it is to write an outstanding personal statement. What's more, you don't even have to make up stories. Choose an event that means a lot to you. Your personal statement should be like a confession or a frank monologue. This strategy will help you achieve the desired results. Surely you can find any story that changed your life.


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