Strengthening Writing Skills According to the Vermont Writing Collaborative - Essay Sample

Published: 2022-12-15
Strengthening Writing Skills According to the Vermont Writing Collaborative - Essay Sample
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In "A Powerful Tool: Writing Based on Knowledge and Understanding" by the Vermont Writing Collaborative, the authors utilize the friendship between Charlotte the spider and a pig called Wilbur to make the reader understand the meaning and importance of writing. In the text, it is clear that the Charlotte the spider used her extensive knowledge and understanding on Wilbur and a thoughtful time to convince Mr. Zuckerman not to feast on Wilber through writing (Vermont Writing Collaborative, 2016). This means writing is very powerful tool. This paper will highlight the major ideas in the text, and finally give a verdict on the lessons learned for both students and teachers.

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For a creative and powerful script, writers have to be knowledgeable and a deep understanding of the subject. They have sufficient background information about the subject they have to write about. For instance, in the text, it is clear that it is through the friendship and individual understanding that makes Charlotte save Wilbur's life. From the understanding, it makes it easier for Charlotte to convince Mr. Zuckerman to refrain from his initial plan to slaughter Wilbur. Again the personal choice of the audience and subject matter gives the writer an upper hand in whichever content they have to express (Vermont Writing Collaborative, 2016).

Furthermore, artistic writing requires the writer to work hard and dedicate sufficient attention to structure. Working hard enables the writer to conduct a sufficient background check on the topic and use the right approach regarding the type of writing done. For instance, Charlotte works hard on the web to ensure that she saves Wilbur's life. A structure and understanding of the type of writing enable the writer to organize and develop ideas succinctly. The structure acts as a framework for building content and subsequently communicating meaning. It is through the web that Charlotte communicates through writing.

Powerful writing takes time to muster. It takes time to understand and connect with the subject. It also takes time to reason a well-structured and organized content to include in writing. For instance, it took time for Charlotte to know and understands Wilbur. Also learning of the structure of writing takes time to muster and give a great expression of the subject. Writers have to be exposed to frequent scenarios to write. This was also confirmed by a report done in 2002 on the National Writing Project classes in about five states in the United States whereby it was concluded that time is a factor that matters regarding stints teachers involve their students in writing activities (Vermont Writing Collaborative, 2016). Moreover, writing involves a series of mental work through thinking to come up with meaning to what is written. Writing is an active and generative art that is imperatively a great inheritance that teachers should pass on to students.


In conclusion, from the article, students are enlightened on the tenet of the writing process. For good mastery of writing, knowledge of the audience, attention to structure, time, and sufficient thoughtful processes warrant proper writing for understanding. Therefore, teachers have to be facilitators of the strong writing process by equipping and providing the students an ample time, exposure, opportunities, and experiences that help them in constructing meaning form knowledge. Furthermore, teachers can also emulate the "backward design" approach for effective planning of the writing process. Teachers are also required to provide a structure for the writing process and the type of papers to write. Finally, students should be given opportunities to make personal choices regarding the subject matter and the audience.


Vermont Writing Collaborative (2016). A powerful tool: Writing based on knowledge and understanding. Amrican Educator. P 33-38

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