Go Back to Where You Came From. Paper Example

Published: 2023-01-15
Go Back to Where You Came From. Paper Example
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The main aim of this series was to broaden the audience's perspective of the ordeals experienced by refugees and empathize with them. Its basis is on the emotional experiences encountered and thanks to this series, audience better understand what refugees' go through and may this will help come to a solution for the refugees seeking asylum in other countries. The feeling brought out by this film is mainly sadness because one empathizes with the six Australians who boarded the leaky boat and deprived of their phones, wallets, and passports. These troubles require leniency upon arriving in the country they seek asylum since they have no documents, but most nations do not condone this.

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Russia, being one of the largest countries with almost the highest population is of very much disappointment because they only accepted 5,000 refugees in two years. It is a first world country with vast land and technological advancement, but their racism is so degrading and saddening. In the film, they experienced trauma as well as human suffering and so many risks since they were traveling in the third world countries which are full of wars and deaths. This situation was so traumatic for the six Australians considering because they had never experienced such ordeals in their life. These events indulge the audience through this traumatic experience, therefore, helping to find better solutions for the refugee crisis.

There should be better methods of bringing the refugees into countries, unlike the current existent methods which involve finding facts about the specific nation and even asking for their plans (Polakow-Suransky, 2017). This becomes a waste of time, which makes the refugees continue suffering while seeking asylum. If better mechanisms were in place, there would be fewer deaths of the refugees and they will finally settle, and even be of benefit to the country.

The best decision to solve the crisis of Australia's refugee is for most countries to accept the refugees. This was a decision that was made in the model MUN debate and so all the countries have accepted to take refugees and be responsible for their existence in the set regions. The earlier states commit to protecting refugees, the earlier they are able to move forward with their lives without uncertainties (Polakow-Suransky, 2017). Accepting them helps to protect the most precious right to all which is the right to live as turning backs on them could be fatal. It is also a way of starting productive lives in the host countries through providing these employees with the right to work, health, and education.

My feelings about refugees prior to watching the series are that these people tend to be ignored for reasons best known to the host countries. I feel like the host countries take refugees to be burden to them since they now have to stretch their resources further to cater for them. My feelings changed after the series and the decision made as I found out that majority of the countries have started to take in the refugees and take care of them. My feelings on the MUN in class are that the program is doing excellent in helping the refugees. I specifically liked the fact that countries have started to integrate the refugees in their own regions. I did not like the way states had turned their backs towards the refugees.


Polakow-Suransky, S. (2017). Go Back to Where You Came From: The Backlash Against Immigration and the Fate of Western Democracy. Oxford University Press.

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